The Classic Space Combat Simulator Freespace 2 Is Now Completely Free On The GOG Platform

Freespace 2

You will be pleased to know that on the GOG platform, you can possibly enjoy space and also battling it out with other ships. Along with that, you can also get Freespace 2 for free. Mainly, it is being offered there in celebration of its 20 year anniversary since its official release. But, still, the game is a bit dated but, it makes up for this with the stellar space combat mechanics.

Most probably, this deal would not run forever so, Freespace 2 is considered to be the perfect title for you in case you have been looking to scratch that space genre itch. Sometimes, it would be very much difficult to find anyone who has possibly anything bad to say about this space combat simulation game.

It was considered to be revolutionary at the time. It was originally released in 1999 from the people at Volition. In so many ways, they gradually improved upon the original. This particular story usually takes place thirty-two years after the Great War. The Terran and also Vasudan races have battled to the nail and tooth.

Due to the alliance, they have generally come together. But, still, there is some opposition mainly in the form of Terrans which are led by Admiral Bosch.

So, you are basically a part of the GTVA. As a result, a single entity that may be the only organization left which can save the fate of the universe.

Admiral Bosch, on the other hand, is considered to be a pretty great antagonist. So, you possibly want to stop his evil intensions at all costs. All that you need is to take the role of a pilot who has just joined the alliance organization.

As a result, the gameplay is where the Freespace 2 really shines. The starfighters you get to control are specifically mounted with all sorts of weapons that you will get to master throughout the main story of the game.

The thing that is particularly unique about the ships is that you fly in this game. They are completely based on a looser interpretation of space physics. As a result, your ships generally feel more responsive.

The flight mechanics specifically play more like a pilot stimulator than the physics which are considered to be space-oriented. Still, the controls feel fluid. Firsthand, the controls are fun to experience even still to this day.

You will gain more access to weapons and also ships as you proceed in this game. Thus, you are generally rewarded for completing and progressing each and every mission. This particular mission usually plays out in the linear form.

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Final Words

It is thereby considered to be an amazing space simulator which has everything that you need for a specific game of this genre. The graphics are generally a bit dated. But, the flight mechanics were done in a perfect manner. Along with that, it includes the Volition’s innovative efforts at the time. Certainly, it is a great pickup that would not cost you a penny.

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