Best Surprise Tech Gifts for Christmas

Best Surprise Tech Gifts for Christmas

It’s holiday time and you might be wondering how to spend with your family, but it can also bring along stress to gift something cool to your loved ones. Don’t worry – we are here to guide you!

Happy Holidays Tech Gifts for Christmas

Apple iPad Pro – for the Hard Worker

This year, Apple has revamped its iPad completely. It comes with a super – powerful processing chip and stellar Retina Display. A great tech gift for Christmas for the hard workers.

Oral B 7000 – for the Dainty Brushers

Oral B is not only best for their bristle technology, which can clean deep, its sensors can also track your brushing habits and spot problems if you have any. It’s like having a virtual dentist with you.

Nest Learning Thermostat – for Temperature Controller.

You might have a temperature micromanager who looks out the temperature like a hawk, ensuring no degrees are wasted. But this can learn the household habits on its own, saving more energy and time.

June Oven – for Bake Lovers

Works as your personal sous chef comes with seven appliances in one. From slow cooker to the broiler, convection, air fryer, toaster, dehydrator and food warming. You just to program how your food wants to be and it gets right to it.

Coral One Robot Vacuum – for The Tidy Addicts

Now relax with a cup of coffee or tea and see the robot doing all your daily cleaning work with a mess.

Amazon Echo Plus – for The Homebody

A great life assists for those who want a hand or speaker to keep track of music, news, etc.  The fabricated look makes it a stylish addition to your living room.

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Apple Watch Series 4 – for Biz Professional

Has all the standard smartwatch features – Siri, GPS, Push notification, Fitness tracking, etc- with LTE option.  Control your business needs from the wrist without a phone.

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Google Pixel Buds – for Travel Junkies

Rivaling Apple’s EarPods and paired with Google’s AI system. This can translate over forty languages in real time. Now that’s a great tech gift for Christmas for travel junkies.

Gearbox Portable Backup And Editing System – for The Paparazzos

Allows you to edit photo and video on the go. If you are a photographer who carries heavy laptops or external hard drives, then this will your serious life saver.

Tile Key Finder –  for Slappy – Happy

A great tech gift for Christmas for those who lost their keys all the time. Tiles will make it easier when lost by making a ringing sound or show you the map through an app, where the key is lost.

Lifx A19 Smart Light Bulbs

These lights have over sixteen million colors and a great Christmas gift for techies. It simplifies the process of upgrading and they don’t need any hub like other Wi-Fi bulbs, they show up an equivalent light of a 75 – watt bulb and work perfectly with all of the various smart assistants like Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Kindle Oasis – for The Book Lovers

One of the best e-readers on the market. Kindle Oasis is thin, light, glare-free and comes with a high-resolution screen. A great Christmas gift for those who love to read every day.

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones – for The Podcaster

Comes with no cord and noise cancellation features, nothing can distract you from listening to your favorite playlist or podcast.

Nintendo Switch – for The Gamer

A very famous gaming console, which was very hard to get your hands when it came out first. Now it’s available for everyone on Amazon. Includes a wide range of switch games to choose from.

Thermoworrks Classic Thermapen – for The Grillers

This thermometer is crafted for professional kitchens, gives accurate readings within seconds. Anyone who loves to cook meat on the grills or to the right perfection can get this.

Pax 3 Vaporizer –  for The Vapers

Got a marijuana user on the list? (usage being legal and above the table), gift them this vaporizer from Pax for this Christmas. Easy to use and easy on the lungs too, with the ultimate experience.

Card Tacos – for The Messer

Leather pouches that can hold headphones organized. Come in a set of 5 and available on Amazon.

HTC  RE 16.0 MP Waterproof Digital Camera – for The Swimmers

Love taking underwater pictures? Then this waterproof camera from HTC can take panoramic shots and videos at a high resolution. Also makes your sharing work easier, just send them to your tablet or computer and you share it right away or edit without hassle.


These are some of the top Christmas gifts for techies. All the products mentioned are available on Amazon. Make sure to check them and gift to your loved ones to make their Christmas unforgettable.

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