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The image sharing platform, Snapchat is soon thinking to switch to scripted content. The decision would be final after the shows are conducted by the end of 2017. According to a report in Variety, the content head of Snapchat, Nick Bell stated that the team would be taking every step to support traditional broadcasters. This would eventually lead to drive a stake. The results were astounding when Snapchat succeeded in increasing the number of NBC programme’s viewers. The initiative was taken to boost the popularity of ‘The Voice’.

While the objective persists, the goal of transforming a smartphone into a remote control has not faded away. The scripted fare will be in sync with Snapchat’s perception. Long form content would no longer be appropriate for mobile phones. The duration of Snapchat videos won’t be more but would remain anywhere between three and five minutes.

Presently, the platform is banking on partners to support video content financially. They won’t spend money from their pocket.

Bell also said that the initiative is in its nascent stage and certainly that would make way for a brighter future. Apart from supporting televisions, Snapchat would also be adopted in the movie ecosystem. The tool would be useful in franchises and studio tentpoles.

Way back in June, Snap and Time Warner proclaimed to produce shows for social networking sites. The decision was confirmed after agreeing to the two-year deal of $100 million.

With the objective of connecting with young girls and boys, Snapchat started off with ‘Stay Tuned’, a headline news show that’s telecasted twice every day.

The programme constituted four to five segments which showcased stories across the nation and different regions of the world.

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