Skype Version With Exciting Features


Yippee!! the hybrid voice chat and instant messaging application has now come up with something more. Though it’s not yet released officially, you would be obsessed with SKYPE For sure, there’s more to make your jaw drop. Not just that, you would be done with everything instantly. A different feel would just be your way when you cradle the latest update.

1. While things were simple with the typing icon, the new version comes with the picture followed by waves.

2. If you love answering through emoticons, then just like Facebook you simply need to tap for reacting to the message.

3. A few swaps would help you find whatever you want. You can share videos, news, gifts and more.

4. For long duration web chats, tap > to add the message towards the right hand side.

5. If your mate can’t wait, then simply swipe to capture your facial expression.

6. To express deep from the bottom of your heart, highlight by drawing shapes of your choice.

7. Keep pacing ahead with the fun by switching between highlights at your fingertips.

8. Now it’s exciting to use the shortcuts. Tap ‘A’ to start off with the chat or a smiley for reacting to the message instantly.

9. No matter where you are roaming, the update keeps you notified all the time. Moments would be special at every nook and corner.

10. When there’s no time to waste, simply tap once to start the conversation. You would also see your loved one’s close up right in front of you.

11. Oh yes! Skype offers an easy way to change details obviously within a fraction of the second. Simply tap on the circular region and change the profile picture, theme color or go about creating a group.

Well, before leaving, we hope you enjoy the new version of Skype. You would excited to use the instant messaging app.

Hardip Koradia

Written by Hardip Koradia

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