SIP Protocol: Everything You Need to Know

SIP Protocol

What Is SIP Protocol?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol that is an IETF open standard accessible and extensible protocol for carrying voice, video, and multimedia communications over the IP Network.

SIP easily provides inter-operability between the numerous apparatuses of the telecommunications equipment’s as it is an open standard (vendor neutral) protocol.

With the help of SIP calling one can ensure that their business is always available for customers service as it uses the Internet to deliver communication, so that one can have a more dependable form of communication.

Is It Reliable?

Session Initiation Protocol is a more reliable type for communication as there are less factors involved in it which means not much things can go wrong while you are using SIP.

On the other had if one uses traditional landline for business it can be affected by factors like bad climate or lines issue, which can take a pretty long time to get fixed.

As we know SIP trunks uses the internet to make communication possible but can also keep back up to ensure that even if one loses internet connection, still they are not going offline.

The only thing you need to pay while using SIP is for the initial set up and a good internet connection, with SIP small businesses can reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40% and save up to 90% on international calls.

How SIP Protocol Works?

SIP operates in the application layer of the network that can modify, establish, and terminate multi-media sessions between the devices and hence it is not restricted to voice.

A protocol is distinct by a set of rules that defines how 2 or more devices such as phones, routers, laptops communicate with each other.

The transport layer controls the reliability, order and speed in which data is traded. The data during an active voice call is broken into packets and conveyed over the Internet.

Introduce Session Initiation Protocol in Your Business Today

By now you might have understood that SIP is good for your business and introducing it can cut short to your phone bills.

As we know it is easy to set up and even the set-up cost is low and in the end all you have to pay is for your internet connection.

SIP will provide you with great quality, uninterrupted calling and will always keep you connected with your customer.

In brief,

Communication is the key for the better performance of any business, so having a strong and effective means of communication is very important.

So, SIP Protocol can ensure that you have dependable means of communication available for your customers at all times.


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