5 Best Screenshot Extensions for Google Chrome


Still struggling to click screenshot of websites while you are using Google Chrome? Then, you should consider these five best screenshot extensions for google chrome which would help you do the task effortlessly. While the sole purpose is served, you can share screenshots within minutes.

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Best Screenshot Extensions for Google Chrome Users

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Apart for the usual function of capturing screenshots, ‘Awesome Screenshot’ also helps you to highlight portions through circles, texts, lines or arrows. Moreover, you can also erase information through some of its features.  Awesome Screenshot captures the whole page or any portion on the webpage you select. It also annotates the captures image with rectangles, arrows, circles, lines and texts. It also allows you to blur the sensitive information from that captured screenshot. While one click can help you upload the image, you can share the URL directly on different platforms. You can modify the image size by reducing the dimensions through the ‘Crop’ functionality. Images once captured, can be stored easily on cloud.

Webpage & WebCam Screenshot

Webpage Webcame Screenshot

The Webpage & WebCam Screenshot extension is next on the list. This empowers you to capture the entire web page regardless of how the website is designed. With a few features, you can also mark or annotate portions whenever required. Once the job is done, you can share it on Twitter, Facebook or storage spaces like the Google Drive. While you can view the screenshot with the auto scroll option, the image can be stored in PNG, HTML or HD formats. Well, Google released this extension soon after the introduction of Google Web Store.

LightShot Screenshot


Third on the list is LightShot Screenshot extension. This is nothing but a plugin which enables you take screenshots of flash files, videos, and java applications. With a search engine, the extension also helps you search for similar kind of images. Besides English, LightShot supports different languages. These include Portugal, Deutsch, Bhasa Indonesia, Spanish and many more. Once you click on the LightShot icon present somewhere on the toolbar, you need to select the area and then save on the system. You would also be furnished with a link that aids you for instant upload.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture

Developed by Google Inc., Screen Capture simplifies the task of capturing visible web content. It could either be the entire page or a region you want to focus on. Before saving the image, you can also edit it the way you want. You can highlight, edit text or add a few words before clicking on the ‘Save’ button. If you are capturing GIFs, then the extension detects moving objects and captures the screen accordingly. Best of all, the extension works smoothly on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Capture

Offering a user friendly interface, Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder beats ‘Awesome Screenshot’. This is because you can actually do more apart from capturing a screenshot. If you are showing something through steps, then you can also record the task in form of a video. For better image clarity, the tool also helps you customize FPS and screen resolution. Much to your excitement, you can create a model or a drawing right from scratch.

So, now when you know about best screenshot extensions for google chrome, you can have fun much beyond your imaginations.


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