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How to Recover Old Snapchats (History, Photos & Videos)

recover old snapchats

There are many effective and ethical ways to recover old snapchats including photos and videos. While you actually meant to delete them just for freeing up memory, you can really get them back instantly.

So, here are the steps you need to follow to retrieve old snapchats.

Let’s check them out…

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How to Recover Old Snapchats (videos/photos) from Windows/Mac?

If you love carrying out tasks on Windows, then we suggest you to go for file recovery software. The app would help to recover old or deleted snapchats instantly and easily.

Initially, you have to download EaseUS and follow the steps for retrieval.

#Step 1: Open the EaseUS software and click the disk partition from where you have encountered data loss. Later click ‘Scan’.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

#Step 2: Once the drive is scanned quickly with the help of the wizard, a deep scan is automatically performed. This step aids you to find some more images, data and videos.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 1

#Step 3: View the digital content and select the images as well as videos. Click ‘Recover’ and everything gets restored at secure location on the PC.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 2

Another tool you could probably use to recover snapchats is the Any Data Recovery Pro tool.

Not only does the app recover snapchat photos and videos but also files stored in different formats. The software supports Windows 7/ 8/ 10 file systems.

NOTE: As compared to EaseUS, Any Data Recovery tool offers an option for selecting the files. It could be images, audio files, documents or even emails. For snapchat photos, you need to click ‘Graphics’ option and then ‘Next’ to proceed.

How to Get Snapchat Pictures Back from Android?

In case you are communicating through an Android smartphone all the time, then you can take the advantage of Android Snapchat recovery tool.

Recovering deleted snapchat data becomes simpler once you start using the app.

The tool can be downloaded and installed without paying anything. Simply, follow the steps below and you’re done with the task.

#Step 1: Connect the Android phone to your system and wait for the tool to detect the mobile device.

#Step 2: For authenticity, enable the Debug USB mode and then select ‘Picture Library’ for scanning the OS.

Android Snapchat Data Recovery

#Step 3: After a few seconds, you would observe that the Android phone gets rooted automatically. Follow the instructions to offer the privilege for data retrieval.

Android Snapchat Data Recovery 1

#Step 4: As scanning proceeds ahead, you would have to select images marked in red. Post which, click ‘Recover’ to retrieve old snapchats.

Android Snapchat Data Recovery 2

How to Recover Old (Deleted) Snapchats (Pictures/ Videos) from iPhone?

While deleted text messages can be viewed anytime later, Snapchat photos have to be recovered using the Snapchat photo recovery app like, iPhone Snapchat Recovery.

Once you have downloaded this tool and have installed it on the system, you need to follow the steps as below –

#Step 1: With the help of a USB cable, connect the iPhone to Mac. Next, choose the first recovery mode. This is nothing but ‘Recover from iOS Device’ option.

Recover Old Snapchat from iOs Device

#Step 2: Once you have selected the right option, the tool scans for photos. Select ‘App Photos’ and swipe to view the ‘Only display the deleted item(s)’ section.

#Step 3: Select the photos you desire to recover. Afterwards, click ‘Recover’ to save the photos to your personal computer or Mac OS.

NOTE: For Snapchat videos, the ‘App Video’ option would facilitate you to recover the digital content with just one click.

Besides it, you can use these 7 tools to get your Snapchat data back.

Before drawing to a close, we hope you are now sure on how to retrieve old snapchats once you have deleted them.

Do share these guide about how to recover old snapchats with mates and help them out when they are unable to accomplish the task.


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