RARBG Is Blocked: Best Mirror (Alternative) Sites To Download Movies


You must have heard of RARBG in case you are a movie lover. The specific word does not have any meaning but, this rarbg com is considered to be a great platform for those people who want to download first-class movies.

Basically, it is a popular website that was founded in the year 2008. Again, this platform has gradually become the chief website that acts similar to the BitTorrent tracker as the rbarg / ragb or rarbg movies are of high quality.

In spite of the presence of a lot of competitors in the market, the rarbg has become the most preferred choice for all the torrent lovers. This is mainly due to the presence of a vast set of torrents with a speedy download.

The potency of RARBG is basically its returning visitors. It is evident from some of the unofficial reports that this particular website is being crowded with more than one billion visitors per month.

Along with that, many of the completely new torrents are also formed each day. Another important strength of RARNG is considered to be the social community.

Every torrent websites do not possibly have this kind of feature.

On this website, specifically, the users can first register an account and involve in creating threads.

So, there will be some threads that mainly discuss the important torrent files after the release of TV shows, new movies and also software.

As a result, mostly, the users continue commenting on this sort of newly created torrent and it would be easily noticeable if it is fake or spam.

This will be proved to be much helpful for the new users to properly understand whether these particular torrent files are fake or not.

RARBG History and The Reasons Why This Is Blocked

History Of RARBG And The Reasons Why This Is Blocked

At the time this particular website was founded i.e. in the year 2008, the servers were mainly hosted in Bulgaria. But, later on, it shifted to some of the other countries because of some sorts of legal issues.

This particular website is again not hosting any kinds of the copyright files but only, it provides magnetic links to those specific files which are now distributed on some other networks.

The website of rarbg down or blocked in many of the countries such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Portugal, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

Although this particular website is blocked in the above-given countries, you can again access the particular website from some other countries. As a result, there are no such countries that can block a particular website completely.

By making use of this loophole the website becomes much stronger day by day. In last year, a specific court order has been preferably issued to block some of the pirate websites which includes the RARBG.

In accordance with this order, mainly, in Australia preferably the entire ISP was supposed to block these particular websites.

So, from late 2017, the ISP starts blocking the particular website.

But, this was not sufficient to stop this kind of piracy. The ISP regulations were bypassed easily by the users across Australia who searched for the rarbg unblock mirrors as well as rarbg proxy.

What Are Mirror Sites and How They Work?

Whenever you search for the mirror sites, you may possibly imagine what exactly is a mirror website and also in what way it works.

These mirror websites are generally considered to be the replica of a website and so, it is the exact copy of a website that is made for many of the reasons.

By copying all essential databases, configuration settings, files, etc. to another server, specifically, the developers or people behind a website are involved in creation of a mirror website.

Also, with the same data, this is specifically used to provide more than one source. Again, the specific reason for mirroring a particular website is considered to be diverse. Here are given some of the important reasons to create a mirror website.

  • Whenever a particular domain is banned by the government, specifically a mirror website is formed with the help of a diverse domain name. By using different domain names or URLs without ant sorts of restrictions, the users from that specific country can easily access a similar website.
  • To ensure more speed along with the performance, mainly the geographical servers can be given to the particular users.
  • Mirroring is proved to be very effective in the overall management of the traffic to a website. Millions of traffic can be easily handled at a time as the mirror sites are hosted on many of the different servers.

So, it is evident that there are many advantages of mirroring, but apart from that, there are also some disadvantages of this mirroring of which plagiarism is considered to be a major disadvantage.

These kinds of websites would not easily show in the Search Engines as there is the presence of more than one copy of a similar kind of website on the internet. But, in this case, mainly the users of the RARBG are not driven by any specific search engines like Google. As a result, most of the people are directed towards this website.

RARBG Unblock With The Mirror Sites: Best Alternatives For RARBG4

Sl No.NameSpeedStatus
1.http://rarbgmirror.orgVery FastOnline
2.http://rarbgmirror.xyzVery FastOnline
3. Very FastOnline
4.https://www.rarbg.isVery FastOnline
5. Very FastOnline
6.http://rarbg.toVery FastOnline
7.https://rarbgmirror.comVery FastOnline
8. Very FastOnline

But, at the ISP level, there are mainly some of the countries that have already blocked the traffic to this website.

Thus, comes the importance of Virtual Private Networks along with the Proxy servers.So, it is seen that there is the presence of many of the working mirror sites for the RARBG and the technical team is involved in testing as well as approving this particular website.

As a result, it is possible to find these particular websites from any place in the world.

Even, if your country has blocked the above website, you can still access them by taking the help of proxies or VPN.

For the purpose of bypassing any sorts of the ISP level restriction, all that you need is to change your country to a neighbour country in the VPN.

Best VPN Tools to ByPass RARBG

It is seen that all of the above-listed RARBG websites are working in a perfect manner. So, in case you have any sorts of issues in opening these particular websites, then, it may be due to your ISP level or country level restriction.

Again, VPN software can be used for managing it easily. This VPN can be preferably used on Mobile, PC or your home router for the purpose of performing the RARBG unblock. Here is given a discussion regarding some of the best working VPN tools which are considered to be good for the Rarbg.

1. Tunnel Bear Which Is Used For Unblocking The RARBG

Tunnel Bear is specifically identified as a popular VPN service. So, the most important feature of this includes its UI. As a result, your browsing is considered to be secure from the ISP, intruders as well as other government officials.

Sometimes, after the Fair Use Policy, it may also help for bypassing the policy of ISP for slowing or throttling the speed of your internet connection. Tunnel Bear also possess servers across 20 countries.

So, you can consider downloading TunnelBear.

2. IPVanish Is Mainly Used For The RARBG Unblock

IPVanish is considered to be one of the most popular VPN services which are generally present in more than 60 countries on preferably 1000+ servers. Also, these wide networks along with the servers can access and ultimately help you to surf in an anonymous manner.

It also involves bypassing all the government restrictions as well as accessing the unrestricted internet anywhere. It can contribute to providing a kind of secure data transmission over the network. For more security, data transmission at the time of online shopping, banking transactions, online shopping, etc, were well encrypted.

So, you can consider downloading IPVANISH.

3. Express VPN To Bypass The Restriction Of RARBG

Express VPN possibly has the maximum number of servers. Also, they generally have servers that are located in 90+ countries. So, it means that you can easily connect with more than 90 countries.

While connecting the internet through Express VPN, there is no such speed limitation or bandwidth limitation. Along with that, they also provide features like split tunneling, DNS or IPv6 leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption as well as Kill Switch.

Some Sites Like RARBG (Alternatives)

If you want to take some gap from the RARBG and ultimately try some of the best alternatives of RARBG, then this section is for you. You will possibly find a lot of different sites that are just like RARBG. But, here are given the 3 best alternatives to RARBG. Among these, again some are generally better than the RARBG in some aspects.

1. 1337x

One of the best alternative torrent sites to RARBG is considered to be the 1337x. This particular website mainly provides a directory of the magnet links along with the torrent files. As per the torrent freak, 1337x is preferably known to be the 3rd most visited torrent websites in the year 2018.

2. Kickass Torrents

In the year 2016, the kickass torrents or KAT is considered to be the most visited BitTorrent website, You can easily download a lot of content from this particular site includes E-books, Music, Games, TV Shows, Movies, etc.

This particular site can be globally accessed through the KAT Proxy & Mirror Sites.

3. Limetorrents

It is known to be another RARBG alternative that is involved in providing almost verified torrents. So, you will find no adult content on this particular website. By making use of the Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites, you can easily access this site.

Final Words

So, the above discussed are only some of the recommendations. But, there are also some more VPN that is available with related features. Thus, you can download any of them as well as finally use a dissimilar country for the purpose of connecting with the RARBG websites.

To access the RARBG website, you sometimes can have ISP limitations and so, this particular section will prove to be much helpful for you. All that you need is to unblock torrents and ultimately enjoy the internet which is limit free.


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