Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 7 and 10

Rainmeter Skins

If you are using Windows OS then you might love its advantages from user – friendly interface to the amount of customizability that it offers. Rainmeter is an app that allows you to create a desktop with a wide range of options to choose from.

You can choose control and track for weather widgets, music and system status monitoring, which can all be done in just a few clicks. It also helps in uploading search bar for Google, recording notes and much more.

There are many Cool Rainmeter skins that will help you to increase productivity and enhance the overall appearance of the Windows OS.

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How to install Rainmeter Skins?

  • Download Rainmeter application
  • Rainmeter app is available for all Windows including 7 and 10.

After downloading the app, you can easily install Rainmeter skins.

Best 11 Rainmeter Skins for Windows 7 and 10

1. Enigma

Enigma is one of the most uber cool Rainmeter skins available. It provides more than 100s of customization options in a very user – friendly panel. You can personalize and customize this Rainmeter skin with anything.

Features include;

  • World time
  • Weather forecast
  • RSS feed
  • Quick notes
  • Media playback
  • CPU
  • RAM usage
  • Real-time active processes

2. TECH – A

One of the best Rainmeter skins that offer a minimal look and futuristic look. Are in search for a theme that can control your PC from the desktop alone? Then we recommend you to download TECH – A Rainmeter skin. It will definitely impress you.

Features of TECH – A Rainmeter skin are;

  • RAM utilization
  • Disk partition
  • Date and time display
  • CPU usage
  • Easy to customize the skin
  • You are allowed to access important folders and files directly

3. IronMan – Jarvis

One of the top Rainmeter skins available for Windows OS. The name implies, this super cool Rainmeter skin replicates the user interface of Jarvis and enables your PC multiplex and modern. Apart from copying the user interface, features included are;

  • Media playback
  • Notes
  • Weather forecast
  • RSS feed and
  • Date and time display

4. ABP

A multi-skilled Rainmeter skin with minimal features that helps to customize your PC and increase productivity. Widgets available are;

  • Weather forecast
  • Shortcuts
  • RSS feeds
  • Notes
  • Clock and date display
  • Image slideshow
  • Media player control
  • CPU load and much more.

Check out the website to know what this best Rainmeter skin has to offer you.

5. Simple Media

Simple Media is alone one of the best Rainmeter skins for Windows 10 that only shows the most essential features. This skin has a very clean and beautiful font and a user-friendly interface. Just like other Rainmeter skins this also offers the same, but with a few added like;

  • Status of recycle bin and
  • Temperature

6. Elegance 2

We have listed only the popular Rainmeter weather skins here to make your work easier. This famous skin is very adaptable and suits all kinds of wallpapers. Provides clean user interface and are also elegant. Features are;

  • RAM and CPU usage stats
  • Recycle bin status
  • Media playback details and controls
  • Time and date display

7. Neon Space

If you are a neon lover who prefers florescence themes then this is the right choice for you. As the name suggests, it can convert your desktop to a Spaceship cockpit. This top Rainmeter skin has clean UI and gives you a lovely visual appearance. The features of Neon Space Rainmeter skin are;

  • CPU and RAM usage
  • Weather forecast
  • Date and time display
  • Music playback controller

8. Newspaper

Gives your PC an antique look and feel. This Rainmeter skin looks like a newspaper and displays all features in the form of a newspaper. The font, colour, and details resemble just like an old newspaper.  The features are;

  • RSS feeds
  • Date and time display
  • CPU and RAM usage
  • Quick notes and
  • You can check emails from the desktop with this Rainmeter skin.

9. MoonGlow

As the name implies, this theme offers you a glow of the moon. A beautiful theme and is clutter – free. You will get a quick note widget with this theme which helps in productivity. You could possibly see the apps and programs in the form of a dock in this skin. Features are;

  • RSS feed
  • Weather forecast
  • Time and date
  • Media Player controls and much more.

10. Darkness falls

The next best Rainmeter skins on the list are the Darkness Fails. This skin offers your desktop a scenic beauty and will surely impress you. The toolbar has power controls. Also, the toolbar displays HDD status and other features like;

  • RAM usage
  • CPU Usage
  • Music playback controller

11. LIM!T

A minimal Rainmeter skin that has any graphical feature. This skin has super simple and  clean clutter – free UI and only shows what’s important. Also, every skin feature on this skin is in the form of text. Features of LIM!T are;

  • CPU and RAM display
  • Media Playback
  • Date and time display
  • Weather forecast.


More or less all these Rainmeter skins have the same features. So choose the one you like the most and has the feature you expect.

The overall visual appearance of these listed Rainmeter skins depends on the wallpaper used.

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