Pros and Cons of the Chromium Browser

Pros and Cons of the Chromium Browser

Unlike Google Chrome, Chromium is open source and possesses almost all features of Google Chrome. It’s nothing but a web browser that can be set up on Mac, Linux, and Windows. While the looks are very much similar, Chromium doesn’t come with video codecs and many other things. So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Chromium.

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Advantages of Chromium

Helps for Developments

Since Chromium offers access to extensions associated with Chrome, a user can go to the Chrome Web Store and install as well as use extensions. As Google lends support, one can always think about enhancements and improvements with Chromium.

A Better Developer Console

Due to a developer console, the browser makes it easier when JavaScript and CSS debugging has to be performed. With the support for source maps, the minified code can not only be viewed but also formatted in the best way. So, if you are an expert in programming, then you can change the source code and transform it into a better software. The change can be perceived similar to the Torch Browser working on Windows.

Third Party Extensions

Chromium permits you to use third party extensions. This is the main reason why you should use the browser. On the other hand, Google Chrome blocks many extensions that are not available on the Chrome app store. Moreover, a person doesn’t have to pay as the browser is free and can be easily downloaded from the link:

No Proprietary Codecs

Being open source, Chromium comes without proprietary codecs. When compared to Google Chrome, it serves as a base but can be used just as Chrome. The only difference is that it comes with a few additional features like user tracking and the auto-updater system.

Disadvantages of Chromium

Occupies Memory

Once installed, Chromium occupies more RAM as it’s the case with Chrome. This may be a problem when someone is working on system for several hours. Besides, it doesn’t support codecs as well as media formats like HTML5, MP3, H.264, and AAC.

Not User-Friendly

Once someone opens up a new web page, the search dialog vanishes away. If you need to search something through a phrase or keywords, then for every web page you need to access the Find Dialog once again. In case of failures, a crash reporter is not available with Chromium. In fact, the information is not recorded and sent to the support team.

Supports Poor Multimedia

With Chromium, a person may not be able to see video content. This is because the browser fails owing to an old version of Adobe’s Flash plugin. Even when one wishes to get most from the browser, he or she won’t be able to use new plugins such as the Chrome PDF reader, Google Cloud Point, etc.. With the absence of a built-in PDF viewer, an individual won’t be able to read a pdf document right from the browser.

To conclude, with such a browser, you need to go to the sandbox to make sure it’s enabled as it may get disabled due to some Linux distributions. Chromium is good to use but can never be an alternative to Google Chrome.

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