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Pokesniper App for Android and iOs [Download APK and How to Use Guide]


Want to catch a unique and legendary Pokémon without any hassle? Or if you fond of haunting Pokémon hiding in those miserable places? Then we have got you covered.

You no longer have to worry about finding ways to find the Pokémon you have been longing for. This app called Pokesniper allows you to catch the Pokémon of your choice! Isn’t that cool! It’s super cool!

Without moving from your house, you can actually do it in a jiffy!

About PokeSniper

This is an app that is quite familiar with Pokémon lovers. And this famous app is designed for both Android as well as iOS devices. It is in fact considered as a famous platform for Pokémon Go addicts, as it guides them in loads of ways to become a pro master by bagging the rare ones. You can add a wide range of PTC or the Pokémon Trainer Club accounts and also allows you to transfer them effortlessly between the PTC accounts.

How to Download Pokesniper App for Android and iOS ?

How to Download Pokesniper App for Android Users?

The app is available for all platforms. Also the Google Play Store recently banned the app so users will have to find other ways to download it or from the third party app store. If you are an iOS device users, then you are allowed to download it from the Apple store.

Android users follow these simple steps;

  • Download the latest version Pokesniper app
  • Install the app onto your device
  • The application will get installed automatically, now open the app after completing the installation process successfully.
  • Now open the Pokesniper app, you can make use of it to make the avatar teleport in the for Pokémon Go game or make use of the app to locate any exotic Pokémon
  • Try to turn on the option install apps from unknown sources to make download seamless.

How to Use PokeSnipers?

You will have to set up the account before using the app. So follow these simple steps;

  • Install and open the app after the pokesniper download is done
  • Open the app and accept the apk agreement. Now press the OK button
  • Now, open the menu option and click the “Accounts” tab.
  • Now click “Add account”
  • Now type your Pokémon Go trainer club ID or you Google ID and remember to turn “On” the Google account button.
  • Set your location
  • Open the browser you use and type
  • Fill in the details on the address bar.
  • Keep “find” button ON
  • You will see that the Latitude and the Longitude boxed will be auto filled
  • Now fill in the pokesniper in the latitude and longitude format in the home coordinate box as shown.
  • Once the boxes are done
  • Click save button
  • Now click back icon to go back to your account setting page
  • Now you can use the app

How to Download PokeSniper of iOS Device?

To download the app you will need an iOS device has 8.0 or later version. The app can be used on any iOS device.

  • Have a active internet connection to download the app
  • Download the file
  • Click ‘Install’
  • You will see that the settings option getting opened automatically. Now click install and fill in the required fields.
  • Tap “Done” finally
  • Now open the app and starting using.

Download PokeSniper Apk


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