Plenty of Fish Live Video Chat: Everything You Should Know

Plenty of Fish Live Video Chat

Previously I have given you few tips to browse Plenty of Fish without registering.

But, today I will discuss one more exciting feature of POF that might surely entice you.

I am talking about POF live video chat feature.

Recently Plenty of Fish has launched a new video chat feature, well this was the right time as the Coronavirus Pandemic has taken and affected most of the countries around the world and advised social distancing, this video chat feature can work wonders for some.

POF has also partnered with livestreaming solution, The Meet Group to execute its new element called LIVE!

Users can communicate a video stream to spectators or have one-on-one talks with different users on POF.

An excellent mode known as the NextDate has recently been added to the site that speeds up the process of dating with a progression of 90-second talks with others.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic…

How to Activate Video Chat Feature on POF App?

To start this new feature all you must do is update your application.

After the update is completed, launch the app and click on LIVE! icon on the Plenty of Fish dashboard.

Once you select the Live option, tap on Go Live to start streaming.

Remember this feature is only available in POF app.

For better understanding its quite similar to Instagram live if you are aware with their feature.

While live streaming you can press on the eye icon and POF will show you the list of people watching your stream.

Similar to Instagram live, you can also say ‘Hi’ to people watching your live or even add them to ‘Favourite’ list.

Viewing how many hearts you received while going live is also possible and in a way, it also means that people viewing has enjoyed your live stream.

Are POF Video Call And Live Same Features?

Yes, if you are think about one on one video call feature then its not that.

The Live feature on POF is introduced as video call on the platform.

It is not like our basic skype or any other video calling platform.

When you use this feature, it means you are going live for other to see you just like Instagram or Facebook live.

So, if you are looking for the normal video chat feature then it’s not that.

But you can definitely chat with people or find out who is viewing your live and later talk to them.

It is a good feature to know how many people are actually interested or willing to talk.

Its also possible that after your live stream someone has started to like you and a possible chance or conversation has arrived.

Don’t limit yourself to anything and my advice is to start discovering new features.

Social Distancing with POF

As we all know this word social distancing is getting really popular, all thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak.

But as we all hope that things get better really soon, and till then we are expected to stay home and save lives.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot connect.

Well, internet is a powerful medium and these new features like Video call or live by platforms like Plenty of Fish can help us staying connected.

So, if you are feeling lonely and need to interact with new people then this platform can help you do that.

The new feature will give you not only self confidence but also increase your connectivity skills that you might have lost since staying at home for too long.


Well most of the dating apps has their pros and cons but honestly this feature is pretty amazing.

Though it totally depends on you whether you want to use this feature or this app at all but trying it is a good option.

So, start meaningful conversation and find new connections with POF, try new things explore the world and meet new people.

Don’t just wait at home thinking about the opportunity, go online and find it yourself by exploring different dimensions.

Hardip Koradia

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