7 Photo Sharing Social Media Platforms Popular Worldwide

Photo Sharing Social Media Platforms

Humans are also known as social creatures, due to out ability to interact with one another.

As we are running in the age of technology and nothing seems impossible and so as social media around us.

Almost everyone with a smartphone has at least 1 social media app on their phone.

According to statistics almost 2 billion users worldwide with a mobile phone are on social media platform.

As the numbers are growing, we should expect it to grow widely by the end of 2021.

Some of the truly social media apps right now includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

The list is never ending but in this article, we will discuss about 7 photo sharing social media platforms popular globally.

As we know that there are many social media platforms and most of them allow photo sharing feature along with many other.

But here we will be centric about only photo sharing, which means sharing a snippet of something with the help of a photo or picture.

So, let’s begin!

Popular Photo Sharing Apps

1) Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms for photo sharing. While it is generally application-based, clients can likewise get to their feed through the site adaptation.

In June 2018, it arrived at 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Instagram is a profoundly visual stage, where you can share video clips and pictures.

You can likewise utilize Instagram Stories and Live highlights as well. It is well known among the more youthful ages.

As indicated by Statista, 32% of users are aged somewhere in the range of 18 and 24 and 33% are aged somewhere in the range of 25 and 34.

A fun fact about Instagram is that it was created less than 10 years ago in the year 2010 and the Android version was not released until 2012.

After that also Instagram is the most popular social media app in the whole world.

It has 1 billion active users which also means that every 7th person in the globe has Instagram in their smart phones.

2) Retrica

Retrica is an app that mainly focus on selfies. It allows its users to share photos, videos with friends.

If you have the app then you can also send private messages to your frinds within Retrica.

Putting filter before clicking pictures even in the front camera is also possible with the app, which is honest a great feature.

GIFs, collages, videos, and much more other great feature are present in the app.

Retrica is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Though the app is not as famous as Instagram but has the capacity to becomes extremely popular in the coming years.

3) Flickr

Flickr is more like a professional app which allows you to share photos and videos.

The app supports High definition pictures and great resolution to give you an amazing feel.

Flickr has been around the internet for quite some times now, and if you are looking for an app which is unique and separates itself from the armature stuff then this can work great for you.

Interacting with individuals within the app is also possible mostly people who love good photography skills already have the app.

The famous quote of “quality over quantity” can be considered for this application.

Well according to me the app is highly underrated and lacks the hype.

Due to this reason your posts might not go viral unlike other famous app where almost anything goes viral.

Thinking about the reviving absence of judgement and consistent investigation, the disadvantages appear to be immaterial.

By and large, on the off chance that you appreciate taking splendid photographs and offering your speciality to similarly invested individuals, Flickr is the ideal spot for you.

4) Snapchat

I am sure that you might have already head about this famous app.

Well Snapchat was initially released in the year 2011, about 8 years ago and has gained a lot of popularity.

The app was originally developed as a one on one sharing platform where you could send photos or videos to friends and after a single view it would automatically disappear.

One more feature that Snapchat introduced was ‘Stories’.

These were subjected to views and last just for 24 hours. All your friends added in the platform are eligible to view your story.

A story can either be a photo or a video.

The app also has some fun filters and it also started the trend of filter much before Instagram where different faces of ‘Dogs’ etc became really popular.

Not only this snapchat also allows you to chat with other users.

The chat previously used to disappear just like its photos but now after updates saving it  and recover old Snapchats is possible.

So, if you haven’t tried Snapchat yet and looking for a fun photo sharing app, then I’d recommend you to try it once.

5) Imgur

Imgur is another photo sharing platform that is quite famous worldwide.

Images uploaded in the platform can be viewed and can shared by other users. The platform is also famous for its funny content that also includes memes and other good content as well.

Knowing the exponential fame of images, one can concur that Imgur has a high ground than its opposition.

The presence of unique quality substance makes Imgur an authentic gold mine. So, on the off chance that you are perusing it to kill some time, you’ll be investing an unfortunate measure of energy in this application.

Another undisputed advantage of Imgur is its similarity with significant chatroom. You can chat within the application with other users.

One amazing feature of the app is that it lets you create and share GIFs by the thousands.

6) Pinterest

If you are looking for an application with top notch pictures, then Pinterest can serve the purpose.

The app can appear to be a far-fetched up-and-comer but it serves a purpose.

Pinterest allows you share pictures and view them, just the difference is that they are segregated or differentiated by topics rather than people.

That’s what makes Pinterest unique from other photo sharing apps.

If your content is good, you might end up having thousands of followers, thought it is important to understand that Pinterest is not as social as other apps.

People come on the app to find valuable information or search for different ideas rather than chatting or making a conversation.

As we know each app serves a purpose and Pinterest is not only different but has amazing quality content in it.

Pinterest may be a more vulnerable pick in this rundown, yet it relies upon where you originate from.

It is intended for a solitary reason – something it achieves with panache.

7) Tumblr

Tumblr over the years has lost a little popularity but still adds on the list.

Despite the fact is it quite famous when it comes to photo sharing platform.

Tumblr makes offering simple to its smooth interface, which is anything but difficult to become acclimated to once you invest energy to get familiar with its ways.

But if you are coming out of apps like Instagram, then Tumblr might feel a little different initially but let me tell you the interface is unlike any other app really nice.

In the app you can share GIFs, videos, pictures, in the form of post which is called ‘Thread’ inside the app. You can easily share and save photos from Tumblr to iPhone and Android phones.

Many Tumblr users comes up with threads that are particularly used as popularly known as hashtags.

If you are really fond of funny memes and jokes, then Tumblr can be a great place for you to spend time.

Though Tumblr does not include story or live broadcast feature like other similar apps but it you want to stay updated of regular trends then do try Tumblr once.

In brief,

So here was the rundown to 7 popular photo sharing social media apps.

As we all know that even small kids are now a days familiar with social media and technology.

We live in the era of social media where posting little things to big news is a trend.

Whether you are going on a vacation or want to express a sad incident with you its social media where you go and post it out to the world and your friends to see.

It has not only become famous but also a powerful medium to voice our opinion and make a change.

As the platform is quite powerful with billions of people using it and spending hours, its our responsibly to share or post what’s ethically right.

So, be it Instagram, Snapchat, or any other photo sharing site, all serves the same purpose of showing yourself, your work, art, thoughts, ideas to the world and your friends to see.

In case you want to influence people with your content or creativity I would definitely advice to go for these apps as they are not only popular but you may also find other amazing content that can inspire you further.

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