Phone Battery Drains Quickly: Causes and Prevention Tips

Phone Battery Drains Quickly.

It’s tough to get your battery to last a long time. Most phones today are only expected to have around five hours of talk time. And that counts all the extra stuff we love to do with our phones. With most devices acting as music players, camera, GPS systems, and the most important thing internet. Its no surprise the life of your phone batteries are rather limited. Some Of The Prevention Tips Are Mentioned Below;

Prevention Tips  to Avoid Draining Your Cell Phone Battery

Tips  to Avoid Draining Your Cell Phone Battery
Tips  to Avoid Draining Your Cell Phone Battery

Power  OFF Bluetooth

The Bluetooth radio can quickly drain out your battery, so if you are not using it, turn off the device. You can see the options in the settings menu. Some devices will enable you to set up a shortcut to do this much quicker.

Lower The Screen Brightness

Don’t use your mobile with high brightness settings, but don’t have it on its lower too. It is said that having the brightness setting on low constantly will cause you to strain your vision.

Decrease The Backlight Time

Same to screen brightness, when you power on the backlight it will also use the much – needed battery power.  The best thing to do is to have it power off quickly when the phone is not in use.

Turn Off The Dual Mode Or The 3G

The chips in your devices are SO battery drainers. There are two main reasons to power off the 3G if your devices offer you that option. First, if you are using the internet, it is not compulsory to have that ability, so save your battery power instead. Second, power off the 3G, which will also reduce the number of calls dropped that can happen when going from a 3G area to EDGE. There are some devices there might be only one bar of 3G, but full bars of GSM strength.  Still, since the device is set up to look for 3G it does not care to see how good the reception really is, thus causing calls to drop.

Stay In Places Of Good Signal

While it might sound odd for saving your battery life, this is in fact so important! When your device is in places or little or no signal, the phone will be constantly searching for a better signal.  If that happens, then your device might quickly drain the battery. If you are in a place where there is limited coverage and are not desperate to make a call, either switch off your phone completely or power on the “airplane mode”, which prevents your device from looking for phone towers.

Charge Your Device When 1/3 Full.

Almost ninety percent of the research shows that this is a great way to lengthen the overall battery life of your device. Usually, it’s bad to completely drain your battery every single time. If you want to charge your battery when its 30% full you might optimize your overall life.

Switch Off The Device When Not In Use

Such a usual thing, an explanation is not much needed. But this is not possible for all as some people are on business calls. If you are not on call, then use the feature called Auto on/off. Your device will automatically power off at midnight and turns on at six in the morning.

Keep Your Device In Cool and Out Of The Sun

Lithium batteries are built with an extra layer from overheating. So, charging the device overnight or for two days does not damage your battery. If, however, it overcharges for up to a week,  then battery become overheated. This will cause permanent damage to your battery. So do not leave it on the charge and keep the device out of the sun.

No Use The Vibrate Mode

The vibration mechanism on your device also consumes too much of a power. Keep it ON there only when needed like as meetings.

Keep Your Ringtone And Keypad Volumes Low

Ringtone with high volume and those beep – beep sounds when you press the keypad every time are also power users.

Don’t Use The Screensavers and Moving The Wallpaper

The movements will also use extra energy and power. So, while they look so good, think twice before you use it as it will consume your battery power too.

Change Packet Data Access To ” Use Only When Needed”

When packet data access is power ON always, It means the devices are constantly searching for the internet and ensure a connection is enabled. While this might not reflect on your internet bills, it will surely stain your battery power.

Discharge The Battery After Thirty Charges

You can maintain your battery life if you drain your battery completely after your 30th charge and repeat every thirty cycles.

So these are top tips to prolong the battery life of your phone. Make sure to follow and you will surely feel the differences.

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