[Fix] & Streaming Authorization Error on Kodi


If you are facing this & Streaming Authorization pop up while watching on Kodi? Then you might be very disturbed! I can understand the annoyance you might feel while watching your favorite TV show or a movie. So we have decided to put up a tutorial on how to fix this olpair kodi error.

Following the steps below will fix the openload co pair and olpair me pair error permanently.

What is This Error?

Openload Server

This error will pop up while steaming a movie or a TV show that are hosted on Openload server. And it looks like the image above.

Why do You Get this Authorization Error?

Openload is a server where loads of Tv shows and other online streaming content are uploaded. These movies are streamed on Kodi with Exodus add ons. As more and more users have started to use Kodi, the serve gets crashed sometimes. To manage a large group of audience, the stream authorization concept was introduced. To watch seamless streaming for the next four hours. You will have to pair your IP address with Openload. After doing this process you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or shows online and you don’t have to pair it again.

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Is Safe? is not a secure site. As we are aware that Kodi uses only copyrighted content to stream anything on their platform. Openload is an illegal website that offers non copyright contents. If you want to enjoy Kodi unnamed then use VPN that conceals your IP address.

How to Fix the & Error?

Method 1 – Pairing Olpair with your IP address.

#1 – Visit the link . Type the correct link to get access to the content. You will be distracted with many links in between when trying to view the stream.

#2 –  Copy paste the link that is shown in the image.


#3 – Click the verification “Im not a robot”

oplair verify captcha

#4 –   After completing the process, you will be asked to verify Captcha. Which will be mostly easy.

pair option

#5 –  Now scroll down and choose “Pair ” option.

Pairing Successful

#6–  You will now get a message saying “Pairing Successful”


Method 2 – Disabling Hosters to Fix the Error

This is another method to fix the error. All you have to do is to disable all the streaming links which asks for captcha verification. Disable the hosters with captcha to complete this process.

#1– Open Exodus, click add ons then video add ons and finally Exodus

Open Exodus

#2 – Click Tools

click tools

#3 – Click Settings: Providers

Click Settings - Providers

#4–  Click playback option, now under file hosting filters > disable Hosters with captchas, then click Ok button.

hosting filters


Kodi is a great technology that helps you to keep everything in a loop. These are the steps you have to follow to fix the & Streaming error. Do let us know your queries in the comment box below.

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