Oovoo Vs Skype – Which is a Better Application?

Oovoo Vs Skype – Which is A Better Application?

At the first instance, OoVoo may be considered as an alternative to the universally known Skype. But, it’s certainly true that both the applications allow the user to make video calls or move on with an online chat. So, if you wish to make group calls, your choice would totally depend on the interaction through Facebook and YouTube. Here are some of the pros and cons you can go through to make a better choice.

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According to a report published in December 2009, many users preferred OoVoo to Skype. The experience was simply amazing when the sound and video quality was tested for video and voice calls. But, on the whole, when 130 participants were considered, the research wasn’t proved to be valid. This is because OoVoo didn’t publish the methodology along with the results.

Internet Usage

As compared to Skype, OoVoo makes it possible to take advantage of the internet. With the help of in-built tools, users can directly record a video chat and go ahead in uploading it on YouTube. Besides, it also offers an easy way for an individual to choose the YouTube video format and present it to users while the online chat is in full swing. Moreover, the web video chat feature aids in incorporating a video into a blog, on a particular web page or a social media platform.

Group Video

Skype always offers to communicate with two users at the same time. The feature comes into the picture only when a person is a premium member and is on a call. Even though five people can join the conversation, Skype has an overall limit of not more than 10 people. On the contrary, OoVoo enriches the experience by allowing the user to add 12 people. While this is the case, the person can think about a group chat without paying a single penny. Unlike Skype, they don’t have to bother much about the usage limit.

Facebook Integration

OoVoo gives the freedom to add the entire Facebook friend’s list to their contacts list. As long as the software is properly installed, users can contact their companions either through a chat or a video call. Although this might be one of the advantages of Skype, the feature may not work. Quite frequently, your Facebook friends would be more than happy to use the messenger and the video chat tools.


Skype can always be used on a tablet or a computer to stay connected with people in the contact list. You can also buy a Skype-ready cordless phone and establish a connection on your smart TV. But, when it comes to Mac OS, a person can’t send emoticons or think about Facebook integration. On the other hand, for Mac users, OoVoo has a limitation of viewing only 6 people on Mac OS X. The ‘Free 12-way video chat’ on Windows is far better than ‘Free group video chat’ on Mac OS. A host of features can be enjoyed with OoVoo when you are using a PC running on Windows.

Finally, Skype is ad-free for most countries, whereas OoVoo is also add-free when someone opts for a paid version. As far as the operating systems are concerned, Skype can be installed on Linux but OoVoo is designed only for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Facebook.

Hope you are smarter in making a choice. We would love to hear your experience as you use the app for the intended purpose.

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