Ooma Login Help: Step by Step Guide

Ooma Login

In this write up, I will let you know that what is Ooma and how you can login your account to access all its VoIP features and all that.

What is Ooma?

In the last few year, the popularity of internet calling has gained a lot of popularity due to being very cost effective compared with regular telecom services or the traditional landlines.

As a result of these factor many companies have started to provide VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and due to the increase of high-speed internet VoIP has become a very prevalent option for people.

Ooma is one of the numerous alternatives available for obtaining VoIP services.

It offers free and low-cost home and business internet phone services using high-speed Internet to provide enhanced elements and connected services which was never possible before.

Ooma Login and Installation Process

It is really quick and easy to do Ooma business login procedure.

With these simple steps you will be up and ready in minutes to operate Ooma VoIP service.

Ooma Telo equipment can be bought online at electronics retailer or from your local electronics store. That may include Ooma Telo device, one Ethernet cable, one AC Adapter.

But before you begin having a high-speed internet connection is very important to operate it most effectively.

So, it all starts with Ooma office base station which needs to be activated online before you plug it in, follows these simple procedures to install and login Ooma –

Step 1

First open your browser and go to to activate your account.

Step 2

Activate your account by filling up your details.

Step 3

Now connect the Ethernet cable and adapter and attach everything in their right place.

Step 4

Now you will see the status light has turned blue now Ooma office is ready to give you great quality voice calls.

You might be wondering why you needed the login for operating Ooma, well this is because it allows users to use its functions after they sign in which includes selecting in and out of email, inspecting any service charge notifications, changing the designated number or plan, inspecting special offers, updating payment procedures, adding minutes, and prepaying for international calls. Changes can be made at any time once the login process is done.

What Can You Do With Your Account?

  • Know information about your phone usage, such as calling figures and call logs
  • Change account likings and manage various features
  • Listen to your voicemail messages
  • Manage your contacts list easily
  • Learn details about your account and the hardware
  • Buy Add-Ons to enhance your calling capability

How to Cancel Ooma Service?

Well if you want to cancel services then you need to Call Ooma customer service in order to cancel the subscription. They are available to call from Mon-Fri 5am-5pm PT and Sat-Sun 8am-5pm PT to the following numbers

  • 1-888-711-6662 (US)
  • 1-866-929-6662 (Canada)

In brief,

Ooma VoIP provides great service for anyone that wants to eradicate the cost of a landline telephone and all the calls you receive are crystal clear as long as you have a good speed of internet connection.

Plus, this service can substantially lower your cell phone bills by letting you to cut back on your cell phone minutes.

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