Online marketplace software involves expertise for launching customizable multi-sided platform

Best marketplace software defines the future of websites

If you want to create ecommerce b2b or b2c business on the basis of the multi sided web platform, first of all, think about its purpose. Peer 2 peer digital platforms are very diverse and offer many solutions for companies and individual customers (service, shopping, education, real estate, auction, travel, car and home rental, etc.). You can include various tools on your website and app application, but how do you know that you will hit the target? Therefore, marketplace development begins with the creation of MVP.

MVP is the foundation. And only then management is connected to extension and growth of the project. Remember that simplicity is the soul of genius. The best way is to start first with the basic functions, check them on your audience and analyze the result. You can find the most important functions on – the ready-made solution for launching an online marketplace based on professional experience. This is the stable basis that allows extensive integration of additional functions as your project grows.

The core version of the online marketplace software

Not every enterprise or small company starts to build a product with a reliable strategy and an understanding of how it will benefit. Therefore, it is better to use professional experience from the Marketplace Experts. The core version of the online marketplace software contains everything you need for building a basic multi vendor marketplace website for any niche:

  • Admin control panel
  • Your own domain name for hosting
  • One-time payment
  • Multilingual interface
  • Unlimited categories, suppliers, and products
  • Login, review, and approval of suppliers.

Unlimited features of the best marketplace software

All ecommerce websites have their own unique individual functions and tasks. That’s why it’s very important to collect the audience’s requirements beforehand. After all or most of the requirements are collected, it’s time to supplement the system with the necessary script. For example, for multi-user webshop, you need a module from these categories:

  • Geolocation:
    • Map on the main page and in the directory
    • Determining the location of the user
    • Show sellers near the icons on the map.
  • Calendar:
    • Manage calendars in the seller’s profile
    • The buyer can select the desired date/time
    • The seller confirms the date/time.
  • Payment:
    • Payment by card on store’ site
    • Integration with payment processors
    • Commission fee, subscription fee, lead fee and other business plugins.
  • Communication channel:
    • Chat for sellers and buyers
    • Feedback to administrator
    • Notifications about order, sale, new messages, etc.

In addition, we can develop other unique functions and design the very same selling platform that you need. Online Marketplace Software by Rademade can be used for application by two technologies, iOS and Android. You don’t get such features from the free open cart PHP source like Magento, WordPress, Xcart or Spree.

Who created the Online Marketplace Software

OMS by Rademade is the result of many years work of IT-professionals who are keen on creating marketplace applications from scratch. In-depth marketing research and needs analysis led us to create the best marketplace software for our customers. We used the same programming language Ruby-on-Rails/Angular4, which underlies such top powerful platforms as Airbnb, Kickstarter, etc. OMS combines the capabilities of the builder and cms to develop the platform, save your resources and time.

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