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OnePlus 5 – A cloning of iPhone 7 plus, shows new leaks!


Finally, the wait for OnePlus 5 is officially over!

The smartphone startup that has been raving the world will officially launch its next flagship Android Phone on June 20.

Sounds great, but the new leak might have damaged everything.

According to Android Police which has a strong track record with leaks, issued what it claims is a press image of the front and back of the OnePlus 5. Also, it was just a copy of the iPhone 7 Plus.

The image is a real deal says, phone leaker Evan Blass. Also the same image was published with profile views and the bottom half of the device in Slashleaks.

Yes, it was same like the iPhone 7 plus. The similarities are unreal.

Dual cameras with corner bump? Check. Dual – LED flash and Microphone outside the camera module in the same right positions? Check. If you watch is closer at the image, you will see the same antenna band.

Save for various location for the power button, the notification mute button, the logo, the volume button, both the phones are look alike.

Reactions to the leak are both positive and negative. The turmoil is that its an iPhone ripoff, and OnePlus must be guilty of itself if this is the final rip off. On the other side, some fans don’t worry about having an iPhone that runs Android. After all, people think Google’s Pixel/Pixel XL is same to the iPhones and are fine with that.

Its very easy to mock off the original one, but they would not be the first to copy it. Oppo R11 is also the clone of iPhone 7 plus said Youtuber SuperSaf.

Yes, it’s surprising how the cloning is very clear, but the same time, devices have also reached to the peak industrial design. We can sit here telling the Knicks and knacks but at the end of the day OnePlus might have the same design for its upcoming flagship. Phones like LG G6 and Galaxy S8 have long edge – to – edge displays that make them apart and Apple will be following the iPhone 8. Other mobiles like the Essnetial are even more bold with sharp and trendy screen on three sides.

We might know a few things as for what to expect !

The device comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, some new colors and possibly with a headphone jack.

Though, the rest of the features have not yet confirmed, a complete lean in May says that its powered with 5.5 inch Quad Hd Resolution with 8 GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, a MicoSD card slot with 4000 mAh battery and dual cameras.

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