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Nintendo announced for a switch – Pokken Tournament DX to its E3 schedule


For all those Pokemon fans out there! Look forward to the terms of games and details as of 2017! Thanks to the recent update on Pokemon Direct Event. The event launched Pokken Tournament DX for the switch, Pokenmon Gold and Silver for the 3DS, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for 3DS Virtual console A.K.A the eShop.

Nothing much, Nintendo hosted a 8 minute long event that includes Pokemon news.

Pokken Tournament DX

Nintendo and the Pokemon company declared Pokke Tournament DX for a switch, in which the game is expected to launch on September 22nd. Also, Nintendo has included the DX to its E3 2017 lineup and might showcase the game come June 14th. Check out the official trailer of the Pokken Tournament DX for the Switch

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

You might have heard the reveal of Pokemon Ultra sun and the Moon for 3DS at the end of the DX trailer right? If you accidentally missed the segment in the above video, the Pokemon Direct end segment must guide you by correcting that by viewing the video at the 36.39 mark.

It’s worth nothing that the company and Game freak launched Pokemon Ultra sun and Moon for 3DS Worldwide from Novemember 17th 2017. The new iterations of the both offers a unique story with new features and Yes, new Pokemon.

Pokemon Gold and Silver

Nintendo also announced that Pokemon Gold and Silver will be available for 3DS Virtual console or though the company’s eShop from September 22nd.

Finally, Pokken Tournament DX for the Switch is set to launch on Sep 22nd, while the Ultra Sun and the Moon for 3DS is about to fall worldwide from November 17th, and the Gold and Silver is expected to hit the 3DS virtual console on Sep 22nd on Nintendo eShop.

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