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Nextiva Login Steps to Access Clarity Online Dashboard

Nextiva Login

In this write up, I will let explain steps to set up Nextiva clarity device and how you can do Nextiva login to access your Clarity Online Dashboard.

Nextiva is a voice-over-web convention (VoIP) organization situated in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nextiva centers around the territory of cloud-based correspondence.

The services offered by Nextiva are utilized by around 150,000 organizations all around the world.

If you have bought Nextiva Clarity package, then you should have several items in the box:

  1. Nextiva Clarity device (NA250B, NA250BW)
  2. Ethernet cable
  3. Power supply
  4. User Guide

So let’s get in steps now…

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How To Set Up Your Nextiva Clarity Device?

Follow the means underneath to interface your Nextiva Clarity device to your system –

Step 1

Move a solitary PC to where the Nextiva Clarity gadget will be set up.

Step 2

Turn off the Personal Computer so you can produce a clean ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) record.

Step 3

Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the Nextiva Clarity device

Step 4

Next, interface the opposite finish of the Ethernet cable to your modem, and power on the Nextiva Clarity gadget.

Step 5

It might take somewhere between 2 to 10 minutes to completely boot contingent upon your internet speed.

Once you finished with the installation process, now you can sign in to your Nextiva account online following below steps –

Steps to Access Nextiva Login Clarity Online Dashboard

You can sign in to your Nextiva Clarity gadget to survey settings, measurements and make changes. Authorization to log in must be conceded by Nextiva to see or adjust these settings.

For devoted system, you need to contact Nextiva Support to request an administration login for your Nextiva Clarity device if you have not as of now been given one. You should be an ‘Authorised User’ for your Nextiva account and to have access to your four-digit security PIN.

When you have your login certifications, follow the means beneath to sign in to your Nextiva Clarity device:

  1. Go to,and sign in using your credentials and select the name of the site you are trying to get access to.
  2. Enter your username and secret key accreditations, and just click Login.

The Nextiva Clarity dashboard will now automatically open in your browser.

In brief,

Nextiva’s versatile application keeps you associated when you are away from your office telephone or replaces your work area telephone altogether.

If you are new to Nextiva then this guide will surely help you to learn that how you can access your Nextiva login page and Clarity Dashboard online.

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