Netflix Party Chrome Extension: All You Need to Know

Netflix Party Chrome Extension

Netflix Party is a smart Chrome extension module that permits users to live chat with friends and family as they watch a similar TV show or film in real time. The application itself works simply like Twitch stream or Discord.

It also displays streams of text comments from friends along with emojis right next to the streaming video.

This new technology is great as due to the current situation in the world, where the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay home, which sometimes can make you feel super lonely but with Netflix Party this period of self-quarantine can become better.

It can also be called the new way to connect with friends and recreate the movie nights that everyone right now is craving for.

Now, all you need to do is pick a movie or show to watch and this chrome extension will make sure that you are watching the same thing with your friends in real time.

And the best part is the group chat which can also be done simultaneously while watching the movie.

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How to Use Netflix Party?

Follow the below steps and starting binge-watching your favourite series with your friend –

Step 1

First download the Netflix party Chrome Extension.

Step 2

Ask your friends to download it as well.

Step 3

Now login to your Netflix account.

Step 4

Next select the TV show or movie that you and your friends wish to watch.

Step 5

After this select the “Netflix Party” icon in your Chrome Extension toolbar.

Step 6

Now a window will pop-up, here instructing you to “Create a Netflix Party.” (Here an option will appear to either have total control over the playback or leave it open to everyone.)

Step 7

Next another window will pop-up where with a link of the selected movie or Tv show, simply share that with your friends and start the party.

Note: Make sure that ‘Show chat’ option is selected to see group messages while watching movie in real time.

How to Join a NP?

Well this is very easy, after installing Netflix party simply click on the party URL link provided to you.

This will instantly be redirected to Netflix’s website, then click on the “NP” button and it will automatically join you to the party.

Does NP Chrome Extension Need Subscription?

Well sharing accounts and password on Netflix is nothing new, but in the case of NP Google Chrome Extension each member must have their own subscription.

Though it does not matter which category of subscription one has as one user can stream on basic standard and the other in 4K Ultra HD.

Is Netflix Party Free?

The answer is YES, Netflix Party is absolutely free.

All you need to have is a Netflix subscription and download its chrome extension. That’s it!

Is NP Chrome Extension Safe to Use?

Yes of course it is safe.

For more clarity you can go through their privacy policy here.

It is clear in their policy that the extension doesn’t actively collect any personal data and as we know NP doesn’t require any personal login and works inside Netflix.

Most prominently, this tool does not store any messages or chat logs amongst friends as written in the user’s privacy clearly.

In brief, this is all you need to know about Netflix Party so that you can start using this Chrome Extension without any doubt and have fun with your friends while watching your favoruite movies or TV shows.


Written by Nyk Patel

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