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Speedy Ways To Move Steam Games To Another Hard Drive

Move Steam Games

When you are thinking about transferring steam games from one hard drive to the another, the task was quite tedious. But, nowadays, files could be transferred in no time. So, let’s have a look at the steps on how you can move steam games.

Steam games may occupy a lot of space on your hard drive. In fact, the person who plays games all the time has to shuffle between the files and delete the old ones to free up space. But, while this was considered as a complicated process, the individual may have to use a third party software.

Today, it’s much easier to proceed with the task without any data loss or the risk of data corruption.

Steps to Move Steam Games to Another Hard Drive

Steps to Move Steam Games

As mentioned earlier, the individual had to use a third party software. But, now the case is very much different because Steam offers a built-in functionality. While you may think about selecting a new location, you first need to create a folder to which the games have to be transferred.

Step 1: As you are creating the new folder, you should first pause all the downloads and make some changes to the Steam Library folders.

Step 2: After pausing the present downloads, you should go to ‘Steam >> Settings >> Downloads’ and then select the option, ‘Steam Library Folder’.

Step 3: Soon after the window pops up on the computer screen, you should click ‘Add Library Folder’ and select the desired drive.

Step 4: Moving ahead, you need to click on ‘Select’ and select the folder that you have just created.

Step 5: Once the folder appears in the list of Steam Library folders, you should click on ‘Close’ to move out from the ‘Settings’ section.

How to Move the Games to the New Library?

Now that you have set up the secondary steam library, you can transfer the games from one location to the other. You no longer have to worry about data corruption or data loss.

In order to accomplish the task, you need to trace the game on the computer, right click on the icon and then click ‘Properties’.

Under the properties menu, you should first click on the ‘Local Files’ tab and then proceed with the option, ‘Move Install Folder’.

As soon as you see a window on the screen, you should select the new stream library and click ‘Move Folder’ to start the process.

Finally, you need to repeat the steps time and again when you are concerned about transferring the games. Do note that you can also change the location whenever you need to install the Steam games.

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