Monument Valley 2 launched exclusively for iOS users in the App store for $4.99.

The developer of the game Ustwo confirmed the sequels’s existence on social media during the WDDC today. The announcement trailer is mentioned below, check it out.

The game works well for both iPad and iPhone. There is no word yet about its launch for Android users. The sequel resembles to the same original art style and puzzled based gameplay. The major difference with the “2” is that, you don’t have to control a single player, you can guide both the mother and the kid through different geometric landscapes. Other features of the game include;

  • A unique story outline and you don’t need any experience to play the “2” version
  • Uniquely crafted puzzles to enjoy the illusory and the dynamic character approach
  • Great visuals with a mix of architectural styles and artistic movements
  • Pleasant audio that is crafted perfectly to every step of mother and child’s journey

The first version was launched in the year 2014 and faced much critical claim. Download Monument Valley 2 here.