Metrofax Login: Steps to Access your Account Online

Metrofax Login

Want to fax someone? But not being able to get your hands on a fax machine. Well now a days, fax machine is rare, rather the internet has changed the way of business communication from top to bottom.

Still online fax services still exist, it is better and simple way to send fax without the need of any fax machine.

One such service provider is MetroFax.

MetroFax is a dependable and inexpensive way to send and receive faxes via email or a web interface and its cost-effective service lets you save a lot by removing spending money on fax machines, long distance charges, extra phone lines and paper.

Here’s how you can get started with MetroFax –

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How to Set up MetroFax


First figure out how to divide your department up into groups of fax users. If you have any departments who presently shares a fax machine, you will probably stop sharing and open separate MetroFax accounts.

An “Essential” level account can have up to 5 independent email addresses.

It is also feasible to use one address for sending faxes and one for receiving faxes you can also do everything from a single address.

Determine what works for you and get the email address(es) set up.

Purchase a Subscription

Buy your MetroFax subscription with a credit card at

You can pay for the subscription either monthly or annually.

After this the MetroFax account will be created with one person’s name and its email id. Then one of the managers from MetroFax will create an account and pass you the credentials.

Now just add your department’s faxing email id to the account in order to give it authorization to send and receive faxes through MetroFax.

MetroFax will provide you with a new local fax number when you sign up for a subscription, use this number to test MetroFax’s functionality.

Now, as you have your account created you need to sign in to check and update your information by following below steps –

MetroFax Login Process Step by Step is accessible for USA and Canada citizens only. However, you can still login to your MetroFax account from any location in the world by following below steps –

Step 1

First. try to open the MF official website As your are out of the service area and thus it will redirect you here

Step 2

Scroll down a little, you will see an option “Need to login to”. Click on Login button.

Step 3

Now, MetroFax login page opens.

Step 4

Provide your Login ID and password and you’re done.

By logging into your MetroFax account, you can send, receive, view, and store faxes online. You can even update your billing information and preferences.

In case you forgot password, just click on the “Forgot Password” link and follow the further instructions given by the website and you will recover your password in just few minutes.

In brief,

MetroFax offers a useful service at the lowest price, which you might not get for such advanced features like signatures and editing. It might have an old-fashioned interface, which sometimes gets in the way of using the it but overall is quick and easy to use.

MetroFax makes it easy to skip the fax machine and send and receive faxes online for a low monthly fee.


Written by Nyk Patel

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