Free & Paid Meme Maker Apps for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Meme Maker Apps

Be it any social media platform, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp, you cannot avoid memes all over the web. So why not use them on your Android too?

We have searched the Play store to find the best video meme maker and gif meme maker apps; something with great collections, absolutely free to use and also them must be able to share on the social media platform. So, here are the keys to the Meme kingdom.

Best 8 Free & Paid Meme Maker Apps

1.Meme Editor Photos

A simple app that allows you to edit images and provides a meme twist. As you open the application, you might get various options – either click the image from the device’s camera or import from the gallery. Next, you will have to move the image to fix it with a meme picture and you can pinch it and also change its direction as well. But, the drawback of using the app is that it might crash sometimes when loading pictures from the gallery and if the bugs are resolved then this app is an absolute fav.

2. Giphy


This is technically not a Meme maker online app, but it’s a gif repository. You can get an unlimited collection of GIFs with the app and there are memes too. In fact, they are voted as world’s largest GIF library and the claim is also accurate. The GIF collection on the app is so huge. The app has an individual Meme Subcategory, in which there are loads of animated GIFs. After choosing the GIF you want, you can easily send them to your peers. And now as you know Whatsapp is also supporting GIFs, it makes more sense to use this app.

3. Meme Creator

As the name suggests, this app allows you to create memes of various kinds. It has more than six hundred kinds of memes. The memes are categorized which makes the appearance a lot easier; you can also use this custom meme using the camera and gallery and steer to the text image, font, and color of your wish. After you have created the meme, you can share them with the help of the “Share” option. Also, the app does not have any drawback and also no reports of watermarks, which is an excellent feature to use the free version of the application.

4. Meme Pro

A simple yet easiest to use apps on the list. It has a very simple user interface which might not look good to all but this app does not miss out any features.

The memes in the app are very basic and pre-loaded and you can use them to make memes. The application does exactly what is shown in the ads, without being too complicated. They are full screen adds on the application and there is no paid version of the app available.

5. Meme Builder

This application has some great features that even the pro version in this niche don’t have. For instance, you are allowed to take images from your phone’s gallery and instantly create memes. The app also supports full-screen mode in just a click to share on social media.

The app can also take images from your peer’s profiles (G plus), which you can edit when you want. The app does not have the pro version, as it survives on ads only.

6. Meme Generator

As the name implies, the app shares the same on the list and quite interesting too. The app has top memes and once you are done making it, there is a quick option to share it on the social media app or you can also save it on your SD card. The application is super colorful to look and has all the attributes you want to create a meme. There is no paid version of the app available, so you have to begin the support device by using the ad version of the application.

7. GATM Meme Generator


GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme Generator

This is an app that is feature stuffed and easy to use. There are loads of features in the application like as making your won memes, view the list and move the pictures to the SD card, etc.

But, the free version of the application has a watermark on the memes. And if you don’t what that then you will have to buy the “Donate version” which might cost you around $2 to get rid of that watermark.

8. Instameme

While most meme apps on the play store look nasty, this app is an exception. Sporting the design of Android material, this is a beautiful app to use for making memes. You must search for “InstaGram” on the play store and it offers a good looking interface, so you can scroll through 100s of memes that are share-worthy.

While there are loads of meme apps available on the Play store. These are tested ones that we have shared here, most of them were not up to the mark.

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