How To Make Your iMessage Expressive With Message Effects

With iOS 10 released in the market, you can always create an impression through iMessage. Apart from adding effects to message bubbles, you can either add a personal touch or send animations that spread across the entire touchscreen. These are the reasons why iMessages are way different from MMS / SMS texts. If you are using iMessage, then you would only have to pay according to cellular data rates.

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Adding a Mesmerizing Effect to Your Message

With the help of effects, you can always transform messages bubbles. Not just that, you can also use effects to bring in animations while you’re about to express more over the chat.

How to Add a Bubble Effect to your iMessage?

With a set of various expressions, bubble effects make the message bubbles appear lively. You only need to follow some steps to send the effect that you have decided.


Step 1: Once you are at the home screen, firstly, you should open ‘Messages’.

Step 2: Tap the symbol with a pen on the writing paper. This would help you enter the respective contact. Alternatively, you can go to the existing chat.

Step 3: Enter a text message or the image, and then touch as well as hold the up arrow symbol.

Step 4: Tap on the gray colored dot to check out how the effect appears.

Step 5: Finally, tap on the up arrow key and send the message.

NOTE: If you want to come back to the effect, then you should tap the arrow in the anticlockwise direction. You would easily find this option under the message. If you’re unable to make your way through bubble effects, then you should check the settings pertaining to Reduce Motion.

How to Add a Full-Screen Effect to your iMessage?

With the help of full-screen effect, you can add life to the screen through confetti, balloons and many other things. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Once you view the home screen, open ‘Messages’.

Step 2: As usual, key in the contact by tapping the sign that denotes a pen on a writing paper. If you don’t have anyone in your mind, you can also navigate to the existing conversation.

Step 3: Type your message as you normally do through the virtual keyboard.

Step 4: Touch and hold the upward arrow key and then move on with the ‘Screen’ option.

Step 5: Swipe towards the left hand side, to view a set of options like fireworks, balloons and confetti.

Finally, tap on the upward arrow symbol for sending the actual message.

How to Respond to a Message with Expressions?

With the ‘Tapback’ option, it’s a breeze to reply messages with thumbs up or a shape in form of a heart. You only need to follow a few steps for enhancing the interaction.


Step 1: Go to a conversation in ‘Messages’.

Step 2: Double-tap the image or message you desire to reply to.

Step 3: Finally, confirm the symbol by selecting the ‘Tapback’ option.

While the above steps are applicable for a single conversation, you can also send a Group iMessage.

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Open messages and tap on the sign denoting a pen and piece of paper. This would aid you to start a new conversation.

Step 2: Enter the individual’s name and tap on the plus sign for adding to contacts.

Step 3: Key in the message and select the up arrow symbol.

NOTE: Before sending a group message, ensure that you have turned on the appropriate settings. You simply have to follow the path ‘Settings >> Messages >> MMS Messages’. In case you don’t see the option, then you should contact your carrier and check more with the plan.

How to Send a Handwritten Message?

You can personalize a message by scribbling words in your handwriting.


Step 1: Open ‘Messages’ and select the contact or an existing conversation.

Step 2: Turn your iPhone sideways to write the message.

Step 3: Once you’re done, select an option towards the bottom of the touch screen.

Step 4: Select ‘Done’ to confirm or ‘Undo’ if you want to write something else. Finally, confirm the task by clicking the up arrow key.

Do keep in mind that the hand writing effect only works with iOS 10. If you are working on iOS 9 or the earlier versions, then you would receive an image with no animation.

So, folks share the information with your mates just in case you want them to be extra interactive.

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