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MagicJack Login: How to Sign In to your MagicJack Account

MagicJack Login

In this write up, I will let you know that how you can do MagicJack login process to sign in into your account and update certain settings.

MagicJack is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) provider that provides you with the same service as your landline but instead it uses an internet connection.

So if you have MagicJack it is very significant to be able to go through the MagicJack login page as there are important functions within it for controlling your account and provision such as –

  • Setting up the proper email for any notifications
  • Repeating your service
  • Changing your MagicJack phone number
  • Advancement to a new device at special prices and even adding international minutes to your account

Now. let’s discuss the steps require to sign in MagicJack –

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MagicJack Login Process Step by Step

To login, you need to first set up your account to get the password and later you can sign in MJ account using those credentials.

Here’s the process you need to follow –

Step 1

Once you have purchased a MagicJack device the initial step is to visit their website and go to the Login page.

Step 2

After the sign in page opens enter the same email address you used while registering MagicJack.

Step 3

Next, choose a password for your account, the password should at least contain 6 or more digit.

Step 4

Now your account has been set up and by using these credentials you can get access to you MagicJack account anytime.

That’s it!

But what if you have forgotten your account password? No worries, follow below steps to recover your password –

Forgot Your Password?

Well there can be times that we do not seem to remember a certain password and if you are experiencing this problem with your MJ account then you might have to reset your password.

It is easy and quick so in a few steps you will be able to access your MagicJack account again.

  1. First open the MagicJack login page and enter your registered email id.
  2. Then simply click on “Forgot Password?” option.
  3. In a few seconds you will receive an email from MagicJack that would contain the password for your account.
  4. You can later change the password and keep it according to your wish.

If by anyhow you are experiencing any other account related issue, then the best solution is to contact MagicJack Customer Support.

How to Sign In MagicJack If You Buy a Used Account?

If you have purchased another person’s MagicJack account then the first thing you have to keep in mind is to ask them for their registered email id and password for the account.

After you have obtained the credentials of the previous users account, simply login to MagicJack and change the required details like email, phone number, address, and any other information.

Giving a right and active email id is very important as it serves two purpose –

One it helps you to register your account, second it ensures that you get all updates about software and other important information related to MJ VoIP service.

In brief,

MagicJack is a good device that can work as a alternative for your home phone. While it is easy to use and with the help of the above steps you can easily login to your MagicJack account.

Just keep in mind that plugging MagicJack into a computer’s USB port is the first step as sometimes people forget plugging in and wonder why the MagicJack is not working.

Written by Hardip Koradia

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