How to Install Kodi on Roku 2 & 3 (Step by Step Guide)

install kodi on Roku

Kodi is one of the best streaming service that is available and it also integrated well with the streaming device Roku. Nothing can match the versatility of the both, while also offering the freedom to stream anything for “Zero” cost comes only with Kodi.

This is the reason why we decided to put this post for all the readers on how to install Kodi on Roku 2 and 3 through Windows PC and Android devices.

Note– Kodi can also be installed on the Xbox one to enjoy unlimited gaming as well as streaming experience at free of cost.

Kodi is a legal platform, but as this is a 3rd party add – on, it might be risky. So we suggest you to use Kodi VPN when streaming content.

What is Roku?

Roku a great alternative to Apple TV and it’s a set – top box that streams famous streaming apps like  the Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu and others. It works with the help of an internet connection to stream content from these services and is usually considered as an ultimate solution to for cord cutting. But to enjoy content on Roku, you must subscribe to streaming services. We suggest you to use a VPN for streaming too.

How Roku Works?

Roku is very easy to set – up on Tvs and also simpler to get the channels for streaming as well. Just follow these simple steps below;

  • Plug Roku on to your TV
  • Connect it to the internet Wi – Fi
  • Launch it to your TV and its done!

Uses of Roku

Roku brings a wide choice of famous streaming services under one roof. You can watch all of its movie content like as Hulu, Netflix and HBO.

Just like Kodi, it can also stream a variety of media files. Apart from watching TV shows and Movies, you are also allowed to use the premium version games like as the Sodoku and Angry birds. It’s an excellent package for home entertainment.

How to Download Kodi on Roku?

Although Roku is very versatile, it does not support or get Kodi to get installed on its device. The reason is that Kodi is a 3rd party add on and its an unofficial one that is illegal to install. So, Roku has secured Kodi from its streaming device.

But don’t panic, there are ways like using screen mirroring to install Kodi on Roku. Android devices and Windows PC can mirror their screen on the Roku device and allows you to view all the content.

How to Get Kodi on Roku with Windows PC ?

The quickest and easiest way to install Roku on Kodi using Windows PC. It takes only minutes to complete the whole set up and will get over in a blink of an eye. Follow these simple steps below;

  • Click start menu
  • Now type “Device Settings” on windows search bar
  • Now click “Add Device” option to add a new device
  • Now choose “Roku 3 option

Once you have opted all the steps that are suggested above, you will see a purple screen getting seen on the Roku 3 which suggests that you have installed Kodi successfully on Roku. Now you can easily mirror content directly from Kodi to Roku dvice.

How to Watch Kodi on Roku Safely With Pure VPN?

Watching Kodi on Roku need you to have VPN if you have to stream safely without letting your ISP know, so that you can easily watch free TV shows as well as Movies. Follow the steps suggested below;

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Before that you must install the VPN on DD WRT Router.
  • Now Open Roku
  • Now connect it the VPN Router using Wi – Fi from Roku device

How to install Kodi on Roku Using Android Smart TV ?

You can install Roku, if you have an Android Smart TV and is much easier too. Follow these simple steps to download Roku for Android Smart TV.

visit home screen on roku
                           Pressing the Home Button
  • Visit Roku 3 home by pressing the home button
    Sysyem update

                                      Visit Settings

    check update
                                        Check Update
    Softwer update
                             Upgrade Softwer Versions  
  • Now visit Settings > System update > and upgrade the software version
    click screen mirroring
                               Click Screen Mirroring
  • Now go to Settings > click screen mirroring
    enble screen
                                          Enable Screen Mirroring
  • Now choose > Enable Screen mirroring
  • Then click OK

Once this is done, you will be able to use Kodi on your Roku 2 and 3 device


Kodi being a legal streaming app is not available on Roku currently. The major reason being Kodi’s 3rd party add – ons that allow you to stream the latest media content without any subscription. But, Kodi on Roku  can be installed by screen mirroring your Windows screen and Android device.

Roku is a great device that a perfect solution to stream channels with streaming services like HBO, HULU and Netflix. If you are unable to access these services due to Geo – limitations. Get a VPN on Roku or bypass Geo – restriction.

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