Everything You Ought to Know About Kensington Security Lock

what is a kensington lock

Known as the Kensington Lock, or simply K-slot, the Kensington Security Slot is a commonly used device which helps you to lock laptops, monitors, notebook or any other movable equipment to something that’s stationary. While the anti-theft system was designed and brought in the market by Kryptonite way back in 1999-2000, the division of ACCO brands, Kensington Computer Products Group is known to take the ownership of the slot.

What is a Kensington Lock?

In simple language, the lock is a system which secures movable machines from getting stolen. It comprises of a small hole that is clearly visible in compact computers or any other equipment like monitors, laptops, gaming consoles, and video projectors. This is integrated to a metallic anchor that’s fixed with a rubber-metal cable with a lock. Towards the end, the cable has a small loop that helps an individual to fasten the movable  object. It could either be your desk or a chair designed with slotted backrest.

Kensington Lock

In most cases, the hole is present with the laptop even when the lock has not been included. But, you may come across rare situations where the slot is located at a point where you are able to secure the memory module or the rechargeable battery. Unless and until you don’t unlock the system, you won’t be able to remove the subcomponent and the desired equipment.

As you procure the lock from the nearest marketplace, you may find the slot denoted by an icon resembling a padlock with the letter ‘K’ or with nothing etched on the metal portion.


When it comes to security, Kensington locks are not crafted for offering the best protective measure. Since computer equipment is made from thin metal and plastic, there are probabilities of the lock getting torn out. This may be possible even when you won’t observe significant damage to the case. As the lock features a long cable, an individual can easily cut the cable with the help of a bolt cutter or wire cutter. Usually, the lock keeps you away from grab-and-run thefts in public places like a restaurant or a coffee shop. But, if there’s less crowded at the location then a thief would be smart with what he wants to accomplish.

As far as the key is concerned, it’s cylindrical in shape and far different from the traditionally introduced flat keys. Instead of the keys, the lock may also use a combination of digits. This gives ultimate protection when other people around can’t figure out the number.

Kensington Lock Security


Many manufacturers offer the same kind of locking mechanism that doesn’t need a hole like a Kensington lock slot. Individuals can always take the benefit of a port like a printer or VGA port. The lock can be kept in its place through the use of special screws.

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