List Of Features You Can Avail With Kik App


Kik is a cross-platform application that is usually used for sending instant messages. Just like Snapchat or Facebook Messenger, you can either message your mate personally or individuals added to a group. Due to a user friendly interface, you can use Kik as an alternative to lengthy emails or public chatting over a social media platform. So, here are some features you can avail with Kik.

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Seven Most Interesting Kik App Features

1. Stay Connected Anytime

No matter where you are, Kik helps you to connect with mates at any point of time. You can either chat one-on-one or within a group. Since the app is mobile friendly, you can send messages on the go. Moreover, you can also converse if the device is supported by strong Wi-Fi connectivity. This is possible only through chat bots.

2. Express in Million Ways

One of the best Kik app features is expressing yourself in million ways. Kik’s has got you covered with emojis that are nothing but small icons to express feelings. You can also send an animated image (GIF) if words don’t speak much. Well, if that doesn’t work, then you can always stick with the conventional way of typing words. No matter which way you use, Kik helps you roll ahead. You can also send short duration videos or moments captured through an HD camera.

3. Stay Notified

Even when you have left the device unattended, Kik notifies you while you receive messages. A beep informs you with everything that you shouldn’t miss. Furthermore, you can customize the notification sound so that you can feel the difference when messages and news feed chip in. This feature helps you effective communication whenever there’s an urgency.

4. Profile Customization

Among the list of Kik features, it’s always feasible to customize your profile. This can be done by adding a profile picture and contact details like your mobile number. You can also hide your profile or identity from mates who keep troubling you all the time. Well, that’s not all, you can also block certain users from contacting you. This helps you build on privacy whenever you’re visible to others.

5. Ultimate Connectivity

Towards the bottom of the conversation tab, a globe icon directs you to the Kik Browser. This is a gateway that lets you explore a different world around you. You can play games, meet new individuals, or share links with anyone in your contact list.

6. Live Type Status

While you send messages from your end, you can actually be aware whether the receiver is composing a reply. In case if he is typing, the word ‘typing’ would be displayed on top of the screen. This would help you guess if you would have to wait or move ahead with the conversation. Besides, read receipts would help you know if the message has been read at the other end.

7. Invitations

You can either invite your mates via. an SMS, email or through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You would also receive notifications once the user signs up with Kik. It also detects if the contact has been added to your phonebook.


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