iPhone X has now hit the market. While the smartphone boasts a completely different design and a beautiful display, it’s sure to amaze everyone. Let’s have a look at the best features and reasons why one should be keen on purchasing the device.

According to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, the new phone has been a grand success. Since more than a decade, the team has incorporated innovation year after year and now the device has become intelligent, capable and creative like never before.

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Design & Display

Towards the front and rear end, iPhone X boasts shiny glass with a stainless steel frame all over its sides. A person can now play around with a Super retina display that sports 458ppi density, the highest ever in the series. While the mobile phone has a resolution of 2436 x 1125, it measures 5.8 inches across the diagonal and lets you gain the advantage of the True Tone display technology. HDR is available in Dolby vision with the absence of the home button. You just have started off with one tap on the touchscreen. Moreover, the side button is no large in its size. You just have to press and hold for some time to speak with Siri.

Advanced Face ID

The prominent feature of the iPhone X is the Face ID. No matter what style you put on, the technology recognizes your face and unlocks the communication device. Once registered, the technology works even if you have grown older or growing a beard. Best of all, facial reorganization works at any hour of the day. Nothing gets disturbed even when you have a vast collection of photos.

With the Apple pay, you simply have to look at the phone for unlocking the device and then divert your attention to the person around you. Moreover, it works with apps that support Apple Pay. With the front camera, a TrueDepth system, dot projector, floor illuminator and an IR camera is included.

A glance at the device projects 30k invisible IR dots and instantly tracks the pattern against the image stored in the memory. When outdoors are dark, the flood illuminator radiates light to recognize the face easily.

To do the job, the technology is supported by a neural engine with dual-core that runs at 600bn operations/second. Apple states that Face ID is the most secure option of locking the device. The cases are rare when the iPhone detects some other person’s face.


Backed by dual OIS (optical image stabilization) on the lenses, iPhone X features 12 MP dual cameras. While the sensors play the role quickly, you can capture shots like never before. Besides, the main camera controls light with a f/1.8 aperture while the telephoto lens sports a f/2.4 aperture. If you want to brighten the scene, then the quad-LED True Tone flash helps you to do so. What’s more – you can click selfies in the portrait mode. Apart from the 4K video recording facility, powerful stereo speakers enhance the music listening experience.

A11 Bionic Processor

The iPhone X is surely a beast inside owing to the A11 Bionic processor featuring four high-efficiency cores, two performance cores and the ever designed GPU.

While the high-efficiency as well as the high-energy cores control power consumption at high performance, the high-energy cores beat the A10 Fusion cores since they are 25 percent faster. A user can now play games efficiently and the surf the internet with little annoying lags.

iPhone X Battery

As compared to the iPhone 7, the smartphone runs two hours more once the battery is loaded with power. This feature is very much decent for normal use.

Wireless Charging

Finally, someone doesn’t have to seek for cords or plugs because iPhone X supports wireless charging. Apple would soon be releasing AirPower, a charging mat that works well with the Series 3 Watch, iPhone, and AirPods.

Release Date & Price

When you go for a  device with 64GB of storage space, then the iPhone X costs $999. While that’s the case, the one with 256 GB is priced at $1,149.

 Orders can be placed from 27th October while shipments would start on 3rd November.

For us, the iPhone X is worth for the Face ID and 3D sensors. The piece is something to admire with the edge-to-edge display. Let us know why iPhone would be your choice? Your views are always welcome.