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How to Put Into and Out of iPhone Recovery Mode?


Don’t know how to put an iPhone in recovery mode? No worries, read on this actionable guide to find out the exact solution. Below steps will work for almost all iOS devices.

If your iOS device stop behaving properly or become unresponsive, and it can’t be recognized by iTunes then you need to get it into recovery mode.

In this article, we will show you how get your iPhone into recovery mode and how you can get it out as well.

However, you will lose all the saved data on your iPhone if you restore it due to which you should always use it in the worst case scenario.

In case you have taken a back-up of your iPhone by using iCloud or iTunes you would be able to restore from the back-up.

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How to Put an iPhone in Recovery Mode – Step by Step Guide

how to put iPhone on Recovery Mode
Steps to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

1) Connect your iPhone to PC using USB cable and open iTunes. (Make sure iTunes has an updated version.)

2) Press and hold the Home and Power button at the same until you see a Apple’s logo and recovery mode screen.

Note: Press Power and Volume down button for devices (iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and others) without non-mechanical home buttons.

That’s it, this is how you can put an iPhone in recovery mode.

Later, you will get a prompt asking for Update or Restore. Select Update and follow further steps accordingly.

When You Should Use Recovery Mode Option?

#Condition 1 – You should use recovery mode for your iPhone when you want to install an iOS update and if your device does not run smooth and restarts again and again. This situation occurs when something is not fine with the update or when you see your battery is very low when the installation is done.

#Condition 2 – When you restore the device from back–up and the process is not successful. In addition, the iTunes are not able to see the device when you want to connect it.

#Condition 3 – When you have to upgrade from the beta version of the iOS and you see a bug.

#Condition 4 – When you observe the Apple logo or connect to the icon of iTunes onscreen for a while and there is no change.

Besides these four conditions, we don’t recommend restoring iPhone using recovery mode because it will make you lose all the data.

How to Exit from iPhone Recovery Mode?

After the successful restoration, the iPhone will automatically get out of recovery mode when it will restart.

Besides it, you can also exit an iPhone from recovery mode without restoring your iPhone

Here are the steps –

1) Disconnect the device from USB cable.

2) Press and Hold the Sleep/Awake button until the Phone turns off.

3) Now, turn on an iPhone by holding Sleep/Awake button again.

That’s it, your phone is out of the recovery mode successfully.

What if the iPhone Recovery Mode Doesn’t Work?

If putting your iPhone into recovery mode doesn’t solve the problem, then we advice to get an expert help by visiting nearby Apple Care Store.

In brief, these were the steps you can follow to learn how to put an iPhone in recovery mode and how to get out of it in just few steps.

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