iPhone 8 Release Date and Rumors

iPhone 8 Release Date

A few weeks away from the tenth anniversary of iPhone, there’s a surprise for Apple fans. The special day would be marked by the launch of iPhone 8.

There are many reasons why the iPhone is also known as ‘iPhone X’ or ‘iPhone Edition’. Unlike its predecessors, the smartphone could be charged through the wireless technology. A user no longer needs to get hold of a USB charger or a chord. The new phone is supposed to boast a curved AMOLED touchscreen with a dual rear-facing camera positioned vertically. While the glass and metal finish looks great for stylish men and women, a smooth experience is on the way due to the new A11 chip. Iris/facial recognition would help you unlock the communication device instantly. Once locked, a simple glance is sufficient to take you to the world of apps on the home screen.

iPhone 8 Release Date

Usually, Apple releases new devices a week after the launch. But, according to, the iPhone would hit the market early next month.

Though it seems a rumor, Mac4Ever reveals that the communication device would be unveiled on 12th September 2017. The confirmation was received from telecom companies who are sure about the launch date.

Another report says that iPhone 8 would not arrive till 2018 commences. Business insider states that technical challenges and supply chain issues may delay the smartphone’s arrival.

As the confusion piles up, DigiTimes reports that the production of iPhone 8 is on its way and the feature rich mobile phone would be released in October.

The confirmation would be out officially, as Apple sends invites and makes announcements two weeks before the cell phone are manufactured.

iPhone 8 Price

If it’s something similar to new MacBooks, then some are claiming that the iPhone would cost more than $1000. Forbes says that the price would be anything between $1100 and $1200. But, it’s still unclear if the price is determined by the basic model or a device with extra memory. This is because Apple is proud to present 128GB and 256GB configurations.

Recently, ‘The New York Times’ stated that the price would be $999 to be more precise. This is the gross amount including VAT. The information was gathered after being aware about the launch. At present, the price may differ with the specifications since the 32GB iPhone 7 costs £599 while the iPhone 7 Plus can be purchased at £919.

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