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Amazing iOs Emulators for Windows, Android & Mac


If you’re wondering to run apple apps on an operating system that bears a different configuration, then you should think about iOS emulators. Not only do these offer flexibility but also convenience to run apps in a whole new environment. You can imagine an experience of game running on another device. So, here’s a list of emulators mentioned for different systems, Windows, Mac and Android.

iOs Emulators for Windows



iPadian is nothing but an iOS stimulator specifically developed for Windows. With this software, you no longer need to follow steps for installations. Simply, download the file, extract and run the executable file. Once you open iPadian, you can actually view the iPhone home screen overlapping the original desktop. While you have access to your iPhone, you can switch to Windows through the bottom right icon. Due to Apple’s FairPlay DRM technology, you can’t download the apps because they are available in an encrypted format. You have to go to the custom app store to access the most common applications.

iOs Screen Recorder

iOs Screen Recorder

The iOS screen recorder allows you to mirror the iPhone home screen on the PC. It functions like a feature when you want to view your cell phone’s screen on a smart TV. An ultimate experience on a larger screen would then be on your way in just one click. While the tool is compatible with iPhones and iPads running on iOS 7.1 and iOS 10.3, the recorder supports devices even if they are jail broken.



Yet another emulator is the MobiOneStudio which helps developers to test apps on different platforms. While others are free, you have to avail a trial version while you want to use MobiOneStudio. In addition, it also allows you to play games on a larger screen.


The AiriPhoneEmulator allows you to play games and make calls whenever you want to. Without a hitch, you can also run apps downloaded from the Apple store. Just like any other software, you can also send voice messages through AiriPhoneEmulator.

iOs Emulators for Mac

Primarily, emulators for Mac are used for checking and testing iOS apps. So, here’s what we have for you.

This emulator offers a simpler way of testing iOS apps. Simply, upload the iOS application on and stream it to a different OS. Unlike other tools, you need to avail the 7 day free trial version.

Xamarin Testflight

Since this app is linked with Apple, it offers a platform test and thereby run applications.

iOs Emulators for Android

The dream of running iOS applications or playing games is due to iEMU and Cider.

iEMU iOS Emulator

The iEMU is the best android application which serves as an emulator. Without any glitches, the emulator lets you have a good time with iOS apps running on Android. Since you can download the app from the web, you don’t have to spend in making a purchase. Furthermore, you can test several apple apps on the Android tool.

Cider Android

Yet another app is Cider android which can be used for running iOS apps. But one of the major downside of using Cider is that the tool doesn’t support Bluetooth, location based services and GPS. Research is still been conducted and in the coming days you can expect to source an advanced version.

Hope, these tools help you bring in the iOS experience on another device. Do share these tools with your mates.

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