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When you don’t know what’s happening worldwide, then Google should be the place. The company has always been brilliant to mark events in a creative way. While many of them were just images, others were animated GIFs. So, here’s a list that would make your jaws drop with some of the most interactive Google doodles.

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Creative & Interactive Google Doodles

Burning Man

The journey of Google Doodles started off with Burning Man. The design was used in 1998 and treated as an ‘Out of Office’ message. The idea cropped up when the co-founders were enjoying the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. With a stick figure behind the letter ‘o’, the logo signified that the duo would be unavailable for the festival if the servers crashed down. Although the design was simple, the design distinguishes the efforts of Google. Later, a special team was appointed to design doodles. As time swept away, these were nicknamed as ‘Doodlers’.

St. Patrick’s Day 2017

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Google published a doodle on 17 March this year. It lets you fantasize about Skellig Michael, an island that somewhere near the coast of County Kerry, Ireland. Though it comes under breathtaking destinations, the island is supposed to a habitat for seabirds. These include razorbills, gannets, and puffins perched at the summit’s peak.

St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is special for every boy and girl, the firm came up with something different among Google interactive doodles. With unconditional love, the doodle gave an idea of creating a unique batch of chocolate treats. After all, serious fun was all that the video conveyed. Apart from treats, the doodle could have driven away the confusion of offering snacks on the date.

Sochi Olympics

When it was time to support Russia’s anti-gay laws, Google released a logo a day prior to the commencement of Sochi Olympics. The rainbow version looked stunning when it was merged with the white backdrop. Since Sochi Olympics held winter games, you would observe skating, ice hockey, and a girl performing a ballet dance on the logo. Further down, the Olympic Charter provokes thoughts and augments to how the doodle should be perceived.

Jules Verne

Inspired by the old classic, ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’, Google never forgot to pay homage to the writer, Jules Verne. The logo was published on the 183rd birthday of the author. Just as you take a glimpse of marine life from a submarine, every letter depicted the beauty differently.

Jules Verne

New Years Day 2014

When 2014 was approaching fast, Google thought about adding a twist to their usual, simple looking doodles. The experts thought out of the box when the doodle was released soon after New Year’s eve. For sure, the illustration was hilarious because it displayed digit 3 getting replaced by 4. As colors enhance the beauty, it was imagined that the numbers were enjoying on the dance floor. Not just that, analog watches actually complemented the creative.

Tour De France 2013

If you haven’t heard about Tour De France, then it’s nothing but a multi stage cycling race held every year. So, with this as the theme, Google rolled up its sleeves and designed a doodle to celebrate the 100th Tour de France. While consecutive letters, ‘o’ resemble the wheels, the letter ‘l’ depicts the wheel’s front view. The cyclists dressed in maillot jaune yellow jerseys actually beautify the area around the word.

8-bit Winter Wonderland

Have you ever imagined a game right above the Google search bar? If not, then 8-bit Winter Wonderland is something you should have looked for. With pesky ice-skaters creating a virtual mess around the logo, the aim is to make the image smooth with the help of an ice resurfacer. Well, once upon a time, Frank Zamboni was the man behind to invent the tool.

The Brothers Grimm

In order to remind web browsers about the 200th anniversary of brothers Grimm, believe it or not, Google created one of the best interactive doodles. Right from the beginning to the end, the Google logo conveys an easy to understand story with numerous illustrations. You can enjoy a slideshow designed with 22 slides by clicking the backward and forward arrowheads.

The Brothers Grimm

JFK 50th anniversary

Way back on 20 January 2011, Google featured a beautiful illustration in memory of 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s speech. Rather than using intellect, the team cleverly selected words from the speech and organized them to form alphabets. Much to your surprise, you would see the second ‘g’ depicting a pose of the former president.

Hope you have a wonderful time in searching for information through Google. It’s surely the best search engine you might have come across.


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