There are many reasons why you should install Chromium on Ubuntu. As compared to Google Chrome, you would actually experience stability once you are navigating web pages. So, let’s get started with the procedure of installing Chromium.

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Installing Chromium on in Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick and Karmic

Step 1: Add the authenticate chromium ppa and authenticate chromium ppa with the help of the GPA key. You simply need to copy paste the command line in the terminal window.


Step 2: Finally, install Chromium onto the system. Follow the line as shown in the image below.


That’s it, this is what you need to do, if you’re using Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 10.10 or Ubuntu 9.10.

Installing Chromium in Intrepid and Jaunty

As mentioned earlier, you have to follow similar steps. The difference lies in the command lines.

Step 1: Navigate to Terminal and paste the line in the terminal. Later, provide a password only if you’re prompted to do so. This would help you add the GPG key.


Step 2: Go to ‘System >> Administration >> Software Sources’.

Step 3: Choose the third party software tab followed by ‘ADD’.

Step 4: Depending on the version of Ubuntu, copy-paste the respective lines.

For Ubuntu Intrepid 9.10


For Ubuntu Jaunty 10.04


Step 5: Close the window and refresh whenever a prompt pops up.

Step 6: Finally, install the Chromium browser and copy-paste the lines as shown below.


You can then work with the browser. Follow the path ‘Applications >> Internet >> Chromium Web Browser’.

Hope, you’re pain with installing Chromium ends here. Feel free to share, if you find this article useful.

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