Why Instagram is More Famous than Snapchat?

Instagram famous than Snapchat

This world has caught up in the Great War of social media. Where every application is trying to get ahead. Two of those most famous and widely used applications are snapchat and Instagram, which have been in a conflict for a very long time. This war has been intensified after the Instagram update of stories in it.

At first people were not happy with the changes since they thought that Instagram was copying snapchat but with time people got used to it and started liking it. Now the war seems to be in favor of Instagram.

Three Reasons of why Instagram is More Famous than Snapchat

1. Instagram is Aesthetically Pleasing

When you open your account to Instagram, what do you see?

Exactly, Instagram’s feed is way better to look at than snapchat. Well, snapchat doesn’t really have a feed. Because when you open snapchat, what you see is your own feet through back camera or if the front camera is active than your face probably (which is even worse).

Where Instagram is filled with all kinds of picture-perfect pages and lots and lots of feed to scroll in your free time, snapchat is only limited to yours or your friends feed or the amount of “seens” that you have on your story. But Instagram is more than that which make Instagram more of a choice for everyone.

2. Following People is Easy on Instagram

2. Following people is easy on Instagram

While people must add snap-codes on snapchat to find people, Instagram has made it really easy to find new people (of your own interest) to follow or even can buy instagram following.

This one is another point where snapchat is harder to use for people, which gives them the room to go back to their Instagram, open the search engine and find thousands of choices for refreshing their feed. While snapchat search of new people is nearly impossible.

I mean who would want to go out of their ways to find snap-codes or usernames to their favorite celebrities just to follow them on snapchats. Well, clearly not the people who are already using Instagram.

3. Avoiding Brands is Easy on Instagram

Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to upload a story on snapchat and you come across filters with brands name on them making you look like a corporate shill. If yes, welcome to the club. Because these have been annoying human race for a very long time.

While Instagram, except for a few sponsored ads, lets you stay in peace with your newsfeed, which is why Instagram is more reliable than snapchat.

Although, people have been complaining about Instagram copying snapchat yet the amount of people using Instagram is way more than snapchat. And why wouldn’t they, the only thing that we as humans love to do in our spare time is to scroll through our social media, of which Instagram is the best choice. By adding new and easily used upgrades, Instagram is giving a very tough time to snapchat.

Hardip Koradia

Written by Hardip Koradia

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