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How To Wipe A Hard Drive When You’re Using Windows Or Mac


There are many reasons why you need to format a hard disk. But, if you’re wondering how it should be done, then you should go through the step by step procedures mentioned below. With this guide on how to wipe a hard drive completely, you would surely find a secure way for systems running on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

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Steps to Wipe a Hard Drive for Mac OS X User

When you need to wipe off data from Mac, then depending on the configuration, the steps may vary. In this case, we have considered Mac OS 10.12 Sierra. Before performing the task, please ensure that you have taken a backup.

Step 1: Restart the system by pressing ‘Option + Command + R’ together.

Step 2: Once the computer boots into the recovery mode, you would have to choose an option from the Utilities menu.

Wipe Hard Drive for MacStep 3: Select ‘Disk Utility’ followed by the internal storage disk from the options present on the left hand side. Here the disk is ‘APPLE SSD SD0128F Media’.

Wipe Hard Drive for Mac 1

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