How To Use Wechat On Your Computer?

How to Use Wechat on Computer

If you’re not confident in using WeChat on your computer, then this step-to-step guide would make it much more easier. We have jotted down steps on how to set up the messaging app, send messages and more.

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Procedure to Set Up Web WeChat

Web Wechat

It’s pretty easy to set up WeChat on your personal computer. Just follow the steps mentioned below to get started.

Step 1: Launch the web browser by double clicking the respective icon. Later, navigate to the URL:

Step 2: From the WeChat app installed on your smartphone, tap on the ‘+’ sign which you can easily find at the top right hand side corner. Subsequently, select the ‘Scan QR Code’ option from the drop down menu.

Step 3: After you have scanned the QR code, you should proceed in completing the verification. As soon as you see the message, ‘Scanned successfully’, click ‘OK’ to move ahead.

How to Log in to WeChat on Your Personal Computer?

How to Log in to WeChat on Your Personal Computer

After you have created an account and cleared the verification test, it’s easy to use the messaging app on the browser app installed on your computer. Keep the cell phone ready since you have to sign in.

#Solution 1 – Using a Web Browser

Step 1: Firstly, you need to sign into WeChat through your mobile phone. This would eliminate the need of downloading a separate app. In case you haven’t signed in, then perform the task right away.

Step 2: Tap the plus (‘+’) sign towards the top right hand side corner.

Step 3: Navigate to the URL: on your PC. You can use the browser of your choice.

Step 4: After accessing the site, scan the QR code with the help of your communication device. Once the code is captured, the profile photo would appear on the computer screen.

Step 5: Tap on your cell phone to log into your account. You would then view the WeChat home screen on the PC. If you wish to log out later, click the three horizontal lines followed by the option, ‘Log out’.

NOTE: When you’re with the computer, you won’t see mobile notifications since they would be disabled.

#Solution 2 – Using WeChat for Windows

Step 1: Go to the link: and download the essential app for Windows. Do keep an Android smartphone, iPad or an iPhone within your reach.

Step 2: Click the Windows Logo icon on the screen. Ensure that you are not clicking the second icon or else you would be visiting the download page for mobile devices operating on Windows.

Step 3: Click ‘Download’ and save the executable files on your computer.

Step 4: Open the installer / file in the ‘Downloads’ folder and follow the installation procedure.

Step 5: Once you’re done, hit the green button, ‘Run’.

Step 6: A few seconds later, you would see the QR code which you need to scan for logging into the account.

Step 7: Launch WeChat on the mobile device. Before moving forward, just be sure that you have signed into WeChat on that device.

Step 8: Tap on the plus sign and select ‘Scan QR Code’.

Step 9: Scan the ‘QR’ Code and ‘log in’ once the profile image appears.

Step 10: Tap ‘ENTER’ on the communication device so that you view the WeChat home screen.

How to Send Files on WeChat when you’re Using Windows or Mac?

Step 1: Launch the ‘WeChat’ app on the computer. If you haven’t set up WeChat, the follow the process as described above.

Step 2: Sign in by clicking ‘Log In’, opening the app on the mobile phone, and then tapping ‘ENTER’.

Step 3: After clicking the chat bubble icon, select the contact / person to whom you wish to send the file.

Step 4: Locate the file you need to send, double click the file to share. You would immediately see the image in the typing area. Type a message if you wish to do so.

Step 5: Finally, click ‘Send’ for delivering it to your friend.

How to Use WeChat Emojis When you’re Working with Your Computer/Mac?

Wechat Emojis

Step 1: Launch the messaging app either through the Start Menu (for Windows) or the Applications folder (for Mac).

Step 2: Click ‘Log in’ and confirm login on your mobile phone once the message pops up.

Step 3: Tap ‘ENTER’ to move with the app on your PC.

Step 4: Click the contact for starting the conversation.

Step 5: Click the emoji icon visible towards the top of the message box.

Step 6: Once you select the emoji, you can either send it or type a message.

Step 7: Click ‘Send’. The emoticon and message would then appear in the chat.

How to Mute a WeChat Group Through Your Computer or Mac?

Step 1: Open ‘WeChat for Web’ with the help of the browser.

  • If you’re not authorized to use the tool, then you have to log into your smartphone and scan the QR code.
  • Alternatively, you can also download the WeChat app which bears the same interface as the web-based solution.

Step 2: Find the group you wish to mute. In case it’s difficult, then you can use the search box and start typing the name.

Step 3: Right-click on the group and click ‘Mute Notifications’ in the drop-down menu.

Finally, you won’t receive alerts when notifications pop inside the group.

So, that’s all we have for you. Do share this post with your friends if you want them to be on WeChat.

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