How to Use Waze Carpool App [Steps for Rider and Driver]

How to Use Waze Carpool

Have you just installed Waze Carpool app and curious to know how to use it? If yes, then this guide will surely help you out.

Here, we mainly discuss that how you can install waze carpool app in your android or iOs device as a rider or driver and how you can use the app to get a ride or drive.

Before we start with steps, let’s first understand that what it is and how it works…

What is Waze Carpool and How It Works?

You may be a rider or a driver, if there’s one app you should download it’s the Waze Carpool app. The app assists users to automatically locate people who are going in the same direction as them when creating their respective work schedule on the app’s homepage.

Waze is significantly different from ride share applications like Lyft and Uber. While a driver using Waze is allowed to offer rides to users, a rider using the app would enjoy the power of choosing the driver he or she would request a carpool from.

To put it more bluntly, the technology would only help a rider and driver to get matched. You will be the one deciding whether you would like to carpool with the people you have found through the app or not. Once the ride request or offer gets accepted, the two parties involved will get to message each other via the app for sharing required information.

You would also be able to use the application for sending and receiving payments. The total cost of a ride is calculated based on the standard mileage rate of the region. The amount is then divided by the number of riders. The amounts paid by the riders would get credited directly to the driver’s account.

Waze has waived all service charges, which means the app is not earning even a cent for the transactions made through it. This makes the application the most inexpensive carpool service available at the moment.

The maker of the app has designed Waze’s rules and regulations keeping the interest of both the drivers and riders in mind. In addition, for ensuring that no Waze Carpool driver can use the platform for saving on gas cost whenever they use their car, the app currently allows a driver to take just a couple of trips per day.

Are you wondering how to get things started? Read through the sections below to find out.

How to Use Waze Carpool App if you are a Rider?

Waze Carpool for Rider
Waze Carpool for Rider

Here are the steps you need to follow –

Step 1

Open Google Play or App Store and download the Waze Carpool app. (Android and iOs)

Step 2

Open the app and tap on the option “Ride in a carpool”.

Step 3

Enter the address of your workplace and home for setting up the carpool route.

Step 4

Tap on “Connect with Google” or “Connect with Facebook”. This step is crucial for identity verification.

Step 5

Now, you will have to enter your contact number and press “Next”.

You will receive a verification code on your phone. Enter the code to start using Waze Carpool as a rider.

First time users are greeted with a free ride, which expires after a month.

So, be quick to use it up.

Step 6

To begin using Waze, set your favorable pickup time using prompts appearing on the app’s home screen.

This will allow you to check the list of drivers and filter according to your preferences.

Once you know which driver you are looking to ride with, tap on “Ask for a ride”.

Step 7

Once you finish the installation of the app with the free first ride, don’t forget to set up the payment method by visiting the app’s settings.

How to Use and Install Waze Carpool App As Driver?

Waze Carpool for Driver

Waze Carpool for Driver

Below are the steps you need to start using app as a driver…

Step 1

Look for the Waze Carpool app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the Waze Carpool app. You can find links above.

Step 2

Open the application and tap on “Get Started”.

Step 3

Read through the app’s end user license agreement and accept it by checking the box.

Step 4

Tap on the “Carpool” button (you’ll find it on the foot of your screen) and select the “I Drive” option.

Step 5

Enter your office and home address to set your favorable carpool route.

Step 6

Complete the verification process either by connecting with Google or Facebook and enter your phone number.

Step 7

You will get a verification code on your phone. Enter it and you are now registered as a Waze Carpool driver.

Step 8

For getting maximum number of rides, you should complete your Waze profile by tapping on the Settings tab. For instance, you must add your work information, vehicle information, and connect the social media accounts you have.

Step 9

Finally, don’t forget to add your bank details for ensuring that you get paid for the Waze Carpool trips.

Was this step by step guide about how to use Waze Carpool app is useful? If yes, then don’t forget to share this information with other users willing to start using this amazing mobile app.

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