How to Use Siri for Android?

siri for android

Siri is surely a useful feature which has become popular over the years. Managing things through voice commands are simpler even if you have to text your friend or set up an alarm. If you’re using the latest versions of iOS, then you can wake up Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri’. But, it’s also possible with an Android smartphone. Let’s go through the steps on how to use siri for android.

How to Use Siri on Android (Best Apps in your Aid)


Google Now

If you are thinking about ‘Siri for Android’, then Google Now could just be your choice. You can actually boast style once you say ‘Ok Google’ followed by the question or task. Not just that, you can also purchase grocery items, and get the weather forecast. With the smartphone, you can either turn on the flashlight or switch on the Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, you can search landmarks within an area.

Google Now

Smart Voice Assistant

Smart Voice Assistant is yet another awesome app that helps you even when you get busy throughout the day. While you’re driving the vehicle, you can read messages without lifting the phone. With appropriate words, it also searches the internet and publishes content on popularly used social networking sites.

AIVC (Alice)

Apart from fetching weather updates, AIVC helps you to connect with your mates, send instant messages, and navigate the smartphone. You can also send commands like ‘Show me my pictures’. The only downside is that you need to speak with an American accent. It’s quite fast but sometimes it might slow down due to 4G connectivity.


Lyra Virtual Assistant

If you’re seeking an artificial intelligent assistant for your own purpose, then Lyra can actually do more for you. You can not only manage your diary, play YouTube videos, find local restaurants but also search contacts and know more about the weather forecast. The experience is fabulous just as if you’re talking with a human being.

Robin – Al Voice Assistant

As you like to focus on a task, Robin aids you to text through speech, search for information, and keeps you on the track through GPS navigation. Whenever required urgently, you can ask for gas stations, places, and parking areas. You can either tap the microphone button or ‘wave hello’, an option present towards the upper edge. For better results, Robin works well with the ‘double-brush’ gesture.

Free Sirii Assistant

Such a type of assistant helps you make calls from a particular number. You can also open playlist, manage events marked on your Calendar and as usual set an alarm. Besides, if you’re lazy, then you can command the app to open Whatsapp, YouTube and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Free Sirii Assistant

My Virtual Assistant Julie

In case you find the aforementioned apps boring, then you can install My Virtual Assistant Julie from the Google Play Store. You can ask her to launch apps, send emails or just chat on the topics of interests. When the conversation goes on and on, you are sure to fall in love with the 3D video animations. You can also create chatbots as the assistant keeps a track what you had conversed before.

Hope you enjoy the experience with voice commands. If you find this article useful, make your friends feel happy by telling them about these apps.

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