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How to Use Samsung’s Allshare Play App for Sharing Content?


When you are worried about sharing content across connected devices, Samsung’s AllShare app can be useful to you. With the remote device access, you can always access content remotely from other Samsung devices set up at home. Not just that, you can view photographs on a larger screen by using Instant Play. Though it may seem difficult, sharing videos, music and images becomes easier with mates and family members. So, here you can find out the way of sharing content via. the Samsung  AllShare Play.

Allshare Play App – Sharing Files Between an Android Smartphone and the TV

Before you start off, just ensure that the Samsung Android device and the Samsung TV are connected over the same network. Do make a note that AllShare Play works only when devices are in the same network.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app. You simply need to tap the icon present on the home screen of the smartphone.

Google Play Store

Step 2: Type ‘Samsung AllShare’ or ‘Samsung Link’ in the search box for directing you to the relevant app.

Samsung Link