How to Use Kik App on Your Computer

How to Use Kik App on Your Computer

Ever since its development, Kik is known as a popular app among youngsters. But, the app can only be used if the person has a smartphone. Read further in case you like to stay connected and you are unable to access a cell phone. The ways would also help you when you can’t use a Wi-Fi connection.

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Using Bluestacks

Step 1: Before using Kik, you should download Bluestacks. Once you visit the official website, the installable files would be downloaded automatically. Select the ‘Save File’ option once the message box pops up.

Step 2: Wait till the files get downloaded and open the application.

Step 3: Wait till the initializing completes. Set up the necessary settings till Bluestacks becomes suitable for usage.

The hard drive of your computer should have space to accommodate the tool. Make sure you have space as much as 262 MB.

Step 4: Downloading Kik to Bluestacks is the next step you should follow. You can easily find the messaging platform once you search with the word ‘Kik’.

Using Bluestacks

Step 5: After clicking the Instagram icon, select the ‘install’ button and wait till installation gets over. Later, you need to launch the app.

Step 6: Once you open Kik, you would be prompted to log in / sign up. Simply, enter the credentials and click ‘Login’. The button is visible towards the bottom of the screen. As few seconds pass by, you would have to solve a CAPTCHA or a puzzle on the verification page.

Bluestacks register

Step 7: Once you logged in your account, sign up with the help of the username, email ID, password and other details. Later, you can dive into the account only when you have cleared the verification test.

Step 8: You can now use Kik. Apart from sending text messages, you can send images and videos. Enhance the level of interaction through emoticons. Moreover, you can change the profile picture and name whenever you wish. There’s nothing different just that you need to use the mouse.

Using Andyroid

Step 1: If you don’t have Andyroid loaded on your computer, then you should go to the official website and download the executable file. Post which, you need to install the emulator by clicking on the file. Move with the steps till you’re done with installation.

System Requirements for Andyroid

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8 / x64 OR updated version of Mac OS X.

RAM : 3GB with 20GB internal disk space.

Additionally, the PC should have a video graphics card with an updated driver. In addition, the card should support OpenGL ES 2.0. You needn’t bother about the card because almost every card supports the desired technology.


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