How To Update Latest Kodi Version On Firestick?

how to update kodi on firestick

If you are thinking about how to update Kodi on firestick, then the section will surely help you to do that. You can also follow a similar process regarding the latest Kodi update on the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Televisions as well as Fire TV. This guide is essential for you in case you possess either Fire TV Stick or Fire TV.

Also, this particular technique will help you regarding the new Kodi update and so, it is possible for you to update Kodi without losing your configured settings and also your valuable add-ons.

Kodi again delivers frequent updates for every app version and so, you should be aware of the best way to do this. Again, you can possibly keep the thing running in an optimal way.

Updating Kodi on Fire TV or a Firestick is considered to be an easy process. Less than 2 minutes of time to complete this is again required by the overall technique. This particular tutorial is explained by making use of a completely free application that is found in the Amazon App store which is known as Downloader by AFTV News.

The below-mentioned tutorial will guide you on how to update Kodi on Fire TV Cube, Fire TV and also Firestick.

So, what is the latest version of Kodi? Till today, Kodi 18.4 Leia is known to be the current stable version of Kodi.

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How To Update Kodi On Fire TV Stick Or Fire TV Cube With The Help Of Downloader?


update Kodi On Fire TV, Firestick Or Fire TV Cube (steps)
How to Update Kodi On Fire TV, Firestick Or Fire TV Cube (steps)

You should always make sure that your favorite addons, as well as build, is well-suited with the newest version of Kodi. So, you should essentially consider this thing prior to update Kodi.

The current stable release is known to be the Kodi 18.4 Leia. Just before that, Kodi 17.6 existed in the market.

 So, you will possibly have the freedom to choose different streaming add-ons for your enjoyment by the proper installation of a repository.  Thus, using a Kodi Build is suggested in case you are looking for a simple way for the installation of the best repositories and also add-ons efficiently and quickly.

Important Notes Regarding The Latest Kodi Version Update

Before updating Kodi, it becomes very important to make sure that your favorite addons or build are well-suited with the latest Kodi version.

Prior to going through the below-mentioned guide, it becomes very important to change the skin back to the default Estuary in case you are making use of a Kodi build. So, this can be done under System / Interface Settings / Skin in most of the builds for the firestick update 2018.

Before you update Kodi on firestick or Fire TV, you should always decide which particular version of Kodi you are running now so as to make sure that an update is available.

  1. First of all, you need to go to the home screen of Fire TV Cube, Fire TV or Firestick for the new Kodi update 2018.
  2. Just after that, you need to hover over the Settings menu item.
  3. Then, you need to click on the Applications.
  4. Next, click on the Manage Installed Applications.
  5. Then, just hover over the Kodi option.

So, now, you will get to see the present version of Kodi specifically installed on Fire TV, Fire TV Cube or Firestick which is present on the right-hand side. Till now, the recent version of Kodi is considered to be 18.4 Leia and so, we are also eligible for an update.

  1. After that, you need to visit the home screen of Fire TV, Firestick or Fire TV Cube.
  2. Then, you should hover over Settings options.
  3. Next, click on My Fire TV.
  4. The next step is to specifically click on the Developer options.
  5. After that, you need to click specific Apps from Unknown Sources and then, turn it ON.
  6. Then, revisit the home screen of Fire TV or Firestick and also hover over the particular search icon that is present on the top left side of the screen. Also, type in the “Downloader” and also click it in the list given below.
  7. Click the orange Downloader icon after that.
  8. Next, click on the OK button present on remote for the purpose of beginning the download and also the Downloader will preferably install.
  9. Also, click Open for launching the Downloader.
  10. Then, click Allow and also you may not specifically see this prompt on the older models of Fire TV.
  11. After that, you need to click OK on the welcome window.
  12. For opening the keyboard, you need to click on the OK button present on the remote. After that, you need to type in the address for Kodi 18.4.

So, the specific Kodi stable URL will direct you to the new as well as a stable version. As a result, the same link can be used whenever new Kodi 18 updates roll out i.e. 18.3, 18.4, 18.5, 19, etc.

Then, you should click on the Go button after typing in the particular address and after that, the Kodi download will then begin.

  1. After that, Kodi download will begin.
  2. Then, click on the Install option whenever you are asked for updating Kodi on Fire TV Cube, Fire TV or Firestick.
  3. Just after that, the update of Kodi will preferably begin.
  4. After that, click Done to continue.
  5. Also, to get rid of the Kodi installation file, you need to click on the Delete option. This will generally free up some space on your Fire TV Cube, Fire TV or Firestick.
  6. Next, you need to click Delete to confirm.
  7. Then, go back to the home screen of Fire TV, Firestick or Fire TV Cube.
  8. The next step is to launch Kodi in case you do not get to see it on the front page and then, scroll to the right under the particular heading i.e. “Your Apps & Channels”. After that, click “See All” as this will preferably show all the apps that are installed on the Firestick.
  9. After that, Kodi specifically begins to load.
  10. Finally, the Kodi Home Screen is displayed.

VPN Is Always Required

It always becomes very important for the Kodi users to essentially guard themselves with the help of a VPN.

Again, a VPN will generally work by encrypting your Internet connection and thereby, making it unfeasible for the Internet Service Provider, government as well as hackers from logging what you are actually accessing online.

Additionally, there are some specific apps which you would like to download are considered to be unverified apps.

So, these particular apps are mainly constrained by the Amazon App Store. Also, these apps can be sideloaded onto your device without making use of the specific method related to the official app distribution. But, this can be done by a VPN for Fire TV Cube, Fire TV or Firestick.

Final Words

So, these particular steps will guide you on how to update kodi on firestick or fire tv. But, without the popular 3rd party addons, Kodi does not do much. Also, these renowned 3rd party addons which mainly provide live channels, free TV shows, movies, sports and a lot more. This is the main reason, why you should focus on the installation of the best Kodi addons specifically with a button click.

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