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How to Turn Off Text Message Notifications in Apple Watch?

How to Turn Off Text Message Notifications on Apple Watch

In this article we will talk about the full guide on how to turn off text messages notifications in Apple watch, so let’s begin!

The facility to see an instant message alert on your Apple Watch without the need to open your iPhone is one of the more helpful features of the watch.

You can even send snappy answers through the Messages application on the watch.

This usefulness makes the Messages application and Watch cooperation one of my preferred components of buying an Apple Watch.

Notwithstanding highlights like instant message sending, it truly talks about great features similarity between iOS devices.

Tragically, in addition, it also makes genuinely simple for somebody sitting close to you to peek at the instant message that you have received, or to see an image message that you may get.

This could be something that you would need to dodge in an expert situation, so you may end up searching for an approach to turn off the instant message notification that is popping up on your Apple Watch.

Our instructional guide underneath will tell you the best way to turn off this feature easily.

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How to Turn Off Text Message Notifications on Apple Watch?

By default, Apple Watch notification settings coordinate those found on iPhone.

So, when you get a notification on iPhone you will automatically receive it on your watch.

In this situation, if you are actively using your phone only then you will not receive a notification on your watch.

Follow the below steps to hide your notification on Apple watch –

1) Go to the Watch app on your iPhone

2) Next select the My Watch option on the bottom of the screen

3) Now click on the Notification option

4) Next scroll down and select the Messages option

5) Now click on the Custom option

6) Next disable the Show Alerts option

Note: When you disable ‘Show Alerts’ option then Sound, Haptic, and Repeat Alerts should disappear.

In brief, this is how you can turn off text messages on Apple Watch in just few clicks.

If you find this information useful then share it with others and help them too to hide text message alerts on Apple Watch.

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