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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer (PC)

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

Does your iPhone internal storage capacity over and thinking to move photos to your PC? No worries, here are the steps you need to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer.

In this guide, we will show you how to download images from iPhone to your Mac and Windows PC.

So, let’s get into steps now…

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer (Mac and Windows)?

How to Move Photos from iPhone to Mac?

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac
Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

If you are trying to move images from iPhone to Mac using iPhoto then stop using it, as it doesn’t work any more.

Instead try Image Capture by following below steps –

1) Connect Your iPhone and Mac. You will be asked to unlock your phone or to trust the device. Take appropriate action and move on to the next step.

2) Open Image Capture App in your Mac PC.

3) Look in the left sidebar and select your device.

3) Now, you will see all your iPhone images. Select the view display according to your convenience.

4) Next, select the photos you want to download from iPhone to Mac and click Import. In case, if you want to move all photos, then click on Import All.

Besides it, you can use Image Capture’s AutoImporter feature to automatically download iPhone pictures to Mac when devices connected.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with Windows PC?

If you are using computer which is running on Windows Vista/7 operating systems all the time, then there are two ways for transferring pictures from iPhone to computer.

Use the AutoPlay Method

Initially, you should know if the AutoPlay functionality is enabled in the operating system you have been using.

If not, then here’s how you can enable AutoPlay function in windows to download photos from iPhone to windows computer –

1) Once the iPhone is connected, click Start and go to the Control Panel.

2) Next, click Hardware & Sound followed by AutoPlay.

3) Scroll down till you reach the Devices’ section. From the drop down menu, select Ask me every time.

Ask Me Everytime Screen

If you have already enabled this functionality then check out further steps below.

From the window select Import Pictures & Videos.

In case the system doesn’t prompt you with AutoPlay, then go to Start > Computer and right click the icon on the device.

With this tip, you would be able to select Import Pictures and Video from the context menu.


Finally, before importing, navigate to Import Settings and browse through the system via the Import to field.

Once you know about the disk space across partitions, you can easily decide the destination folder.

If such type of command is not given to the system, then the photos would get transferred to ‘My Pictures’.

Image Transfer through Windows Explorer

1)  As usual, connect your iPhone to your windows PC with the help of the USB cord.

2) Once the device gets recognized, double click on the icon. In this case, the iPhone would be considered as a removable storage drive.

3) Locate the camera folder. Remember the path

[Your iPhone Device]\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE.

4) Once you have found the photos, use the conventional copy paste method. Press ‘CTRL + A’ for selecting all the images inside the sub folder.

That’s it.

These were some easy workarounds you can try to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

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