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How To Stop Windows Defender Permanently From Running On PC?

How To Stop Windows Defender Permanently
How To Stop Windows Defender Permanently on PC

Microsoft has now introduced a security suite for the Windows operating system. The suite, Windows Defender could just an option which usually doesn’t work if an antivirus software has been installed.

In case you wish to disable the features temporarily or permanently, then you need to follow certain steps and go through the guide below. But, in any case, it’s unwise if the laptop or the computer is not protected through a security software.

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Simple Ways on How To Stop Windows Defender Permanently On Your Pc

How To Stop Windows Defender Permanently
How To Stop Windows Defender Permanently on PC

Backing Up The System

Before you change the registry entries in Windows, it’s important to take a backup of the data stored on the hard disk. While it’s safe to disable the Windows Defender, you would be using the structural elements of your computer.

So, it’s always better to ensure that you have taken a backup on a regular basis. You can always set a reminder in case you are busy and you’re bound to forget carrying out the task.

You should be serious about considering the above tip because it has the ability to restore the computer to its earlier state. This would be useful when you have types commands erroneously or when a disaster strikes.

Steps For Disabling Windows Defender Temporarily

If you are thinking about disabling Windows Defender for a few days, then it’s pretty easy to accomplish the task.

Initially, you need to check whether Windows Defender is running on the system. In case Windows 10, you should click on the Windows Shield icon that’s present on the taskbar. If the Defender is turned off, then you would notice an icon to the bottom most right hand side corner.

NOTE: If you can’t find the icon, then you can simply type ‘Defender’ in the Start Menu search bar. As you go through the search results, you can launch the app.

In case you see a white tick on a green colored icon, then you have to click ‘Turn Off’ and wait for the cross to appear.

Steps For Disabling Windows Defender Permanently

After accessing the Settings where you can disable the Windows Defender, you need to open the Run command box and type ‘regedit’.

Disabling Windows Defender Permanently

Once the Registry Editor appears on the computer screen, you can view a file tree on the left hand side pane.

Later, you need to locate the folder through the path as shown below

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender

After finding the folder with the name, Default, you need to add another folder. This would be specifically used for disabling Windows Defender.

Later, you need to right click on the empty area of the pane and select ‘New>DWORD (32-Bit) Value.

select New DWORD value

As you name the file ‘DisableAntiSpyware’, make sure that you have used capital letters at the right place.

Now, you need to right click the new file and then select Modify. In the field, Value Data you have to enter ‘1’ and then click ‘Ok’ to confirm the action.

window defender

It is at this point of time, the Windows Defender would be disabled. If you change your mind, then you should go back to the DisableAntiSpyware file and enter ‘0’ in the Value Data field.

Even though the operating system features Windows Defender, it’s always a good idea to protect the system with some antivirus software. If you are not sure about the application, then you can speak with an IT professional and check what would actually work with the operating system.

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