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How to Sign Out of Netflix on the Wii?

how to sign out of netflix on wii

You cannot log out from your Netflix channel on Wii, but you can log out by deactivating your account through a hidden menu. This article will explain to you how?

About Netflix

Netflix is an Americal online  On – Demand video stream giant that allows you to watch tons of TV shows and movies for a flat monthly rate. It became popular with binge-watchers and the service can be used on any device that a screen, including, set-top boxes, Tablets, and phones.

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Netflix offers subscription service and you don’t have to rent a movie or a show to watch.

The Netflix application works differently from device to device. On the Wii, the Netflix app is mentioned as the Netflix Channel. It has the same basic functionality like other devices, but a bit simpler. The most important feature to consider is there is no “Sign out” option.

If you wish to sign out of Netflix on the Wii, the effortless option is to deactivate your account with the channel. You can use their website to sign out from Netflix channel on your Wii, but these methods will disconnect all other previously authorized devices from your account.

How To Sign Out Of Netflix On The Wii?

Some Netflix application has a logout option that enables you to choose the menu and log out. But Netflix channel on the Wii is different, as there is no account menu and it’s not possible to sign out with just the basic menu options.

You will have to remove your account in the Netflix channel to sign out on a Wii. This has the same effects as signing out, but a bit more difficult as the option is hidden in a secret screen.

Here is How to Do it

  • Turn Wii ‘ON’
  • Choose the Netflix channel
  • Choose the primary profile ( if there are multiple profiles)
  • Wait, you will see the loading image on the Netflix Channel screen
  • Point Wiimote at your TV, and enter the below-mentioned sequence with a D-Pad

         Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

  • Choose Deactivate
  • Click ‘Yes’
  • Select ‘OK’
  • You are Done

Using A Web Browser To Log Out Of Netflix On Wii

If you are not able to find the hidden system menu in the Netflix channel on your Wii or you can’t access your Wii, you can still sign out of the channel.  This step is useful for those who sold or gave away their Wii and want to prevent others from using their Netflix account.

Here is how to log out of Netflix on Wii and other devices using their official website

  • Go to Netflix. Com
  • Choose the profile icon ( on the right corner)
  • Choose account
  • Scroll down to the settings section
  • Choose “Sogn out of all devices”
  • Now “Sign out”
  • You are done!


These the steps to follow to sign out of Netflix on the Wii, you can also feel free to contact Netflix customer support for any queries.

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