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How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 11?

How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 11

In this guide, I will show you the exact steps on how to set up voicemail on iPhone 11. Besides it, I will also discuss the steps to listen your voice messages and procedure to change voicemail password on iphone.

iPhone from a long time has this amazing voicemail feature that allows users to exchange personal voice messages.

It is particularly used when someone is absent or is not being able to receive a call, then you can easily send a voice message with a help of the voicemail feature.

It is quite similar to the traditional answering machine, but instead the voice messages are being stored on your phone.

With time voicemail on iPhone has also evolved with many new features and changes.

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Voicemail Features

  • Voicemail records the voice message and allows you to play back.
  • Taking different messages from various callers at a time is also possible.
  • Forwarding voice messages to other’s mailbox is also possible.
  • Adding a voice introduction before forwarding a voicemail can also be done.
  • With broadcast voice messages you can send your messages to multiple people all-together.
  • Get notification of the arrival of a voicemail through pager or mobile phone.
  • Storing of the voicemail received is also possible.
  • The voice mail stored in the phone device can also be sent as in attachment on email.
  • Presenting different greetings to different users can also be done with the voicemail feature.

How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 11?

Step 1

From the home screen navigate to Phone app (From where you see your recent or missed calls)

Step 2

Next click on the ‘Voicemail’ option on the bottom right corner of the screen

Step 3

Now the screen would show empty with an option in the middle of ‘Set up now’, select it

Note: If you have already used iPhone’s voicemail service in the past then the option of Sign in will come, here you can easily input your password and access voicemail.

Step 4

After click on ‘Set up now’ you will have to enter a 4-6 digit password.

Step 5

Next re-enter the password then tap ‘Done’.

Step 6

Now iPhone will show you the ‘Greeting’ screen to show how exactly this works, either go through all the steps or choose to ‘Skip’.

Step 7

If you wish to customize your greeting, then select the ‘Custom’ option.

Note: Press the ‘Record’ button to record a message and keep it as ‘Greeting’

Step 8

The iPhone voicemail is now set.

Voicemail can also be exchanged with AirDrop, even mailing it is possible or you can save them as audio on your device.

How to Listen Voicemail on iPhone?

If you are still working your hands-on iPhone and want to hear your voice messages with Voicemail feature, then follow the below steps

  1. Go to the ‘Phone’ app
  2. Next click on the ‘Voicemail’ option on the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Here you will see your voicemails received from your contacts
  4. Click on a voicemail to open the playback options
  5. Select ‘Speaker’ if you wish to hear the message from the iPhone speaker

Change Your Voicemail Passcode

If you are wondering about how to change voicemail passcode then follow the below steps –

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone
  2. Scroll and click on ‘Phone’ option
  3. Now tap on ‘Change Voicemail Password’ option
  4. Here you need to enter a new 4-6-digit passcode.
  5. Now re-enter the code.
  6. Select ‘Done’

Note: Voicemail should particularly not be used to send emergency messages as it cannot be confirmed to when the receiver is going to open the voice message.

In brief,

This is all about setting up voicemail on iPhone 11, listen to voice messages, and how you can update your voicemail password. Hope you guys love it and find this information useful.

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